My Dream Came True

tnrLOVE; that true, pure and perfect love; like I have never known before, engulfed my life ten years ago. That LOVE came to me through a man, not a perfect man, but a man perfect for me. Randy, with all his playful personality and humor, charm and gentle touch, overwhelmingly and passionately promised to cherish, honor, love me unconditionally and make my life secure and comfortable and to make me smile everyday. He also promised to be the Father Tiffany and Tara were so hungry for and rightly deserved, to protect and provide and love them and impart his guidance, wisdom and convictions into their lives. He promised to show them how much he loved their Mom everyday and to be the very best Daddy they ever had. To one another, we pledged to forgive, love unselfishly and work hard together raising my beautiful daughters. As he placed a ring on my finger, he then turned to the girls, placed a gold opal ring on their finger, promising to love and protect and provide his best for all the days of his life.

That day changed my life and my girls forever. Saying “yes” to his proposal and saying “I Do” was the wisest decision and promise I have ever made in my life.

To my handsome Randy, you have shown two kinds of love to me. The first I only knew of in the fairy tales I loved so much where the prince comes to rescue the princess from the evil darkness and fights for her freedom and honor. He then swoops his Lady into his arms and once they kiss, oh that magical kiss where their lips touch and fireworks go off in the air, and it sets everything right, fresh and new and they live happily ever after.

Then there is the second kind of love I was taught at an early age and read in the Bible Paul speaks of:

LOVE is always patient and kind, suffers long and waits, never rushing,
LOVE is never jealous or envious or hurtful or mean or spiteful, seeking revenge,
LOVE never boasts or is proud, never rude or selfish,
LOVE never demands it’s always right or demands its own way,
LOVE is not irritable or moody,
LOVE forgives always and does not hold a grudge,
LOVE always wants what is best for others,
LOVE is giving and selfless,
LOVE rejoices when others succeed and is glad when good and right wins over evil,
LOVE weeps when others weep and lends a shoulder to cry on and a helping hand to the one that needs a hand up,
LOVE is truthful, no matter how it may hurt at the time, always truthful,
LOVE is loyal always, no matter the cost, believing in the one you love, always expecting what is best for them,
LOVE will always defend and stand beside and at times in front, shielding the one you love from the enemy,
LOVE is not stifling and confining and LOVE is liberating and allows one to be all that God has for them to be,
LOVE is the greatest gift of all.

I could only dream of someone that was capable of loving both ways, the romantic~passionate, “take my breath away” kind of love and the all pure, perfect~Christ like, “lay my life down for you” kind of love. It was all a dream, only a dream; but ten years ago today, a dream came true when Randy came into my life. You truly are the love of my life and I look forward to spending the rest of my days with you and making many more of both our dreams (maybe a few fantasies) come true!tnr1

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY my love, the thought of being in your arms makes me smile!

Tonya F. Henshaw