Who Am I?

402256_2649696159076_403995544_nI am married to a wonderful man (not my first), however my wisest choice and one of my greatest blessings! I have two beautiful daughters; one is 25 and the younger is 22. Both are unique individuals with their own style and personalities; different as the sunset from evening to evening. My oldest, Tiffany is married to a terrific man, yet no grand-babies, only 2 grand-puppies and from my younger daughter Tara, only a grand-kitty. My husband Randy and I love to spend time with the kids, travel and camp when time allows. We live in beautiful middle Tennessee where we get to experience the four seasons and I work part-time as a Medical Liaison for a specialty Ergonomic Retail store. We all are very blessed in so many ways and that we are aware and conscious and thankful for them is a blessing too.

I am passionate about reading and I love to write and have since I learned to put letters together making sounds and grouping them to form words in first grade. I can get lost for hours in book stores and libraries, thumbing through books of inspiration and personal testimonials of one’s triumphs over adverse obstacles. I love to hear about ordinary people overcoming extraordinary odds and giving all the glory to God. Now add a coffee shop and I am lost til closing time. In my love for writing, I may not always do it with the eloquence of other professional writers, I do however write from my heart baring my soul with each stroke of the pen. A friend shared this site with me and I am thankful to have the opportunity to share stories of inspiration and encouragement to whomever is led to read my blog posts.

My life has not been easy, as I have traveled many winding paths to get where I am today; many detours along with many rest areas and recovery stops along the way, but I am where I am now and I am loving it! I would not trade one moment (well maybe that one) for the experiences I have had, because I believe all that I went through fashioned me into who I am today. No regrets, only gratefulness that I have a voice, a story and that I am alive today and able to share with others the amazing saving grace of God, His faithfulness to me, His endless love and His power to heal and restore broken relationships.

I love entertaining family and friends and being outdoors soaking up the beauty of God’s awesomeness in nature. I love God with my whole heart for He has proven Himself to me over and over again with His faithfulness when I deserved it the least. I finally realize my life’s purpose is to encourage and inspire others to live a life of love. Always choose LOVE and from that comes forgiveness, healing, restoration, honesty, truthfulness and ultimately joy and always peace. My prayer is that we would open our eyes, our hearts and minds to the realization we are all part of this one big family where God is our Father and we are joint-heirs with Jesus Christ. NO ONE IS EXCLUDED!  We are all special, created, designed and destined for a specific purpose in life here on earth. When we search and finally find out what that purpose is, we will operate out of love, not fear; all the blessings that flow from it will allow us to naturally and ultimately find peace and satisfaction in serving others with the God-given, God placed gift we all have.

Thank-you for taking the time to read my blogs, may you feel lifted up and inspired in some way,

Tonya F. Henshaw