Blissful Serenity In Nature

Beautiful cooler morning, 70 degrees and little humidity. As I sit outside with my coffee, Bible and journal, the sun is already shining bright over the hills and pasture land behind my house. The owner of the pasture has leased the land for horses. I thought for a moment it was thundering, but I was wrong, no rain clouds today, I watched and listened intently as a dozen horses made their way to the bigger pasture for the day of grazing and frolicking. What a beautiful sight, their long manes flying in the wind. there is a cool breeze rustling through the trees and I hear mockingbirds whistling so sweetly their morning praises. I am watching a little wren digging in the moss in one of my planters; I think she may be building a nest in there. Or maybe she is collecting the moss and leaves to carry elsewhere. Oh, here are two hummingbirds, whizzing by long enough to sip nectar from the feeder. This is a lovely, peaceful way to begin my day; sitting outdoors, listening to nature symphony, feeling the gentle breeze and sunshine on my skin is so calming. This time of solitude of nourishing my soul with the Word of God, placing all my worries, concerns and burdens at His feet in prayer, thanking Him for all my blessings; big and small, and trusting Him that ALL things will work for my benefit.

I really would like to sit here all day and bask in this beauty, but the day is beckoning me onward. I will carry this serenity with me, this blissful state of mind and peacefulness in my soul. I have soaked up, like a sponge the presence of God through His bountiful blessings of nature and I will share my light and love with others I encounter. I will be swift to hear and slow to speak (James 1:19) and I know people crossing my path today are hurting and need to know someone cares about them. I am that someone, you are that someone, you may be that one that is hurting yourself. May you come to realize today just how important and special you are and that you are an integral piece to Gods plan for this time in history, for “such a time as this”.

We all play a role and this is a good time for you to open your eyes, your ears, your mind and your heart to the call and fulfillment of your destiny. Start where you are today, this is a great day to be alive and aware of what He is doing in the earth. Start by thinking “good and lovely” thoughts, shake off the heaviness in your heart and begin to praise God for your breath, your life, your family. It is time to move past your past, you can’t do anything about it anyway and the future is not here yet; to worry about tomorrow brings dark clouds over the sunshine of the present moment. God will give you the strength, mercy and grace to handle tomorrow when it gets here.

“In a word, what I am saying is, GROW UP! You are Kingdom subjects, now live like it in what you think, act and do. Live out your God created identity. Live generously and graciously toward others the way God lives toward you.”

~~~~ Matthew 5:48 The Message

You are blessed; be a blessing to others, letting Jesus love them through you!
Have a beautiful day! ;0)

Tonya F Henshaw
July 12,2013