I am awake at dawn and as I brewed a cup of coffee and stepped outside to the moist warm air it feels like a blanket of hugs about my shoulders. And as as I inhale deeply; I am so aware of the presence of my Heavenly Father and so many blessings and so much good in my life. Things and people aren’t perfect in my life; but the imperfect is very faint compared to the good all around me. After all, who wants perfect; for it is in the imperfections, the unique and the blemished is there real authentic truth and beauty. 
I see this gorgeous sunrise and with it brings hope and promise of a beautiful day laid wide open for me and for you to step into something wonderful and witness an answer to our prayer. 

It is ALL good! 

Read something very interesting on the topic of memories. Positive and negative events impact a human brain differently. When something bad happens, when we’ve been through something painful, traumatic and we’ve been hurt or disappointed or betrayed by someone; that memory takes up more space in our memory bank because there’s so much more to process. As a result; the human brain remembers the bad, the negative events and the pain associated to it more than any positive that happens to us in our lives. 

We will remember the one critical comment or the time someone did or said something to hurt us and embarrass us before we will remember anything good and positive that was said and done. We remember our losses, our hurts and what we did wrong and we have a tendency to lean into and dwell and nurture the negativity instead of remembering the good, the positive and the uplifting moments. 
So it’s only human nature to go to that negative place. 

My thoughts on this topic is that we all have a choice! We can switch our thoughts and turn those old nasty and painful and hurtful ones over to more healthy and positive thoughts. We don’t have to replay every detail and feel every toxic and sad emotion along with it. Just because a bad memory surfaces; we don’t have to dwell and meditate on it. 
We can choose to not relive and feel those sad and depressing emotions associated to that negative event. We can choose to remember the good ones, we can pull up the happy times, the celebrations in our lives if we want to. We must just make the effort to change what we are thinking about at that moment! 

We are in control. We can change what we are remembering! Switch from the negative to the positive, because we cannot move forward into better and brighter days if we are reaching backward, always reminiscing and replaying the negative things that have happened to us. 

Though we can’t change what’s been done and said to us; we can feel it and own it for being part of us, we can deal, heal and move on and not allow the negativity to define us, making us bitter and resentful and angry and depressed human beings. We are not victims unless we choose to be and live that way. Which is not really living, and sure is not being our best and living our best life and fulfilling our purpose. 

Begin to be thankful for what’s good, what’s right and what’s healthy and a blessing and the times you felt loved, appreciated and accepted. Remember the days when positive words were spoken over you, when a complement was given, a hand was extended with a smile and someone was kind to you maybe for no reason except to be a blessing. 

Can you recall the miracles; the times when things worked out when you didn’t see how they could? Remember when you were first in love, the first time you saw them, the first kiss, the first time you made love, the joy in the wedding day, the times you were on vacation, traveled and witnessed sunsets and sunrises and you felt carefree and less stressed? Remember the miracle of being in love? Can you feel it deep in your soul? How about the miracle of life itself? The first time you heard your baby’s heartbeat, the pregnancy where a little soul was growing inside the womb? How about the miracle of new birth, the blessing to hear their first cry, see their first step and then the first time they rode a bike and then let go of your hand for the first day of school? How about the times you were promoted, congratulated on a job well done; those times you were noticed, heard and seen; the times you were hugged, you felt safe and warm, can you remember those?

Search your memory files for a good one! They are there; just buried a little deeper and in not so large a file as the bad ones, but they are there! 

My friends, rearranging the files, organizing and putting the good ones first and having what we remember as good is truly possible. I’ve learned to do it! Choose to look for the good. When the bad surfaces, choose to not go there! Choose good! 

Collect the positives of your past and replay those everyday! Relive the joy, happiness, love, peace, acceptance and beauty you’ve had and pretty soon; it will be natural for you to live in it everyday. I’ve trained my brain to search and look and find the good in people, in my situation, in myself, in my past and in my memories! 

I’m not a Pollyanna nor am I naive to the evil in the world or to what’s been done to me or what I’ve done; I’m not immune to getting hurt or feeling rejected. I do however have a “short & tiny file” when it comes to the negative in my life. I’ve deleted a lot of the bad and put it in the “trash” file by allowing God to heal me from my wounds and the past. Today I have a hard time even recalling much of the pain anymore. 

Good does overcome evil, love is more powerful than fear, the positive does outweigh the negative and God is bigger in my life than any bad that the enemy has done to me to try and keep me silent and living in darkness and alone and depressed. 

May you be encouraged today to change what you remember! Be at peace, walk in love and think on good things! Begin by counting your present blessings and recalling the goodness, mercy and love that follows after you in your life!
Tonya F Henshaw 

June 25, 2016