Teach Me LORD To Be More Child-Like 

I’m truly inspired by spending time with my precious granddaughter. She teaches me so much about the Lord and life and how to become child-like and enjoy the everyday occurrences and take advantage of the opportunities that lay before me to have fun, laugh and play and see through her child-like eyes discovering the world and its amazingness. I stand in awe with her beside me at the wonder, the magnificent beauty all around us and I am so thankful for the grandiose and also for the tiniest of blessings and details and moments that make up our days together and contribute to my living a very blessed life.
She has taught me to slow down and look at the grass, the flowers, the bees and worms crawling on the ground. She picks the dandelions and puts them to her pursed lips and blows and giggles. She stops and listens and says, “What’s that?”, she looks and deeply examines every thing around her, soaking up and taking it all in. She’s learning and analyzing by asking questions galore about why and how, when and where! I’ve learned to not get in a hurry when going and doing something with her in tow. She takes her time, noticing and speaking a cheery “HI” to everyone, she doesn’t miss anything or anyone, she’s very observant and inquisitive.
What is it that I love about her and what have I learned and appreciate most about her and how does it relate to my relationship with God? I’ll limit myself to pick three!
1. She is trusting! She believes me when I tell her something and I promise for us go someplace or do something. She holds onto my words and depends on me and reminds me often of my promise to her and is so excited and appreciative when I follow through. She says “Skanks (thanks) Nana!” Followed through immediately with her saying “You’re welcome Nana!” LOL!!!!! She cracks me up with her learning of her manners! I want to be like her, trusting, believing, thoughtful and thankful!


Jesus wants us to be trusting, to believe He will follow through with His Word and His promises and be thankful unto Him!


2.  She is curious! Her sense of wonder and curiosity of discovering new things brings such great adventures and memorable learning experiences for us both. Everyday is a new one! I want to be more like her; no complaining, no criticism, cynicism or judgment and she doesn’t shy away from much of anything but is accepting and embraces new challenges with an “I can-do it” attitude!


Jesus wants us to be curious and adventurous and open to new possibilities and opportunities and think outside the box, shedding our old ways of small-mindedness and restricted ways of living restrained and confined.
3. She is a risk-taker! She is brave! She thinks she can do anything and everything the bigger kids are doing at the playground and she mimics my actions with her tiny hands while working, cooking, cleaning or repairing anything. She thinks BIG and thus she believes she is BIG and she can do and accomplish the BIG things. She climbs tall jungle gyms and slides, she jumps into the pool, she prefers climbing a bunch of stairs by herself instead of taking the elevator. She wants to climb the steep hills and roll back down and she wants to cross the creek and sit on my bicycle by herself. She takes risks and even when she tries and reality sets in that she can’t do it by herself, she says, “Help, I need help!” She knows I haven’t left her, I haven’t turned my back on her, I am near, I am watching her whatever and wherever she is. She knows she can call out to me and I will be there to help her out and to help her accomplish what it is she’s trying to do. She is a brave and courageous Warrior Princess!


Jesus wants us to be risk-takers, to dare to believe! He wants us to set fear aside, fear of what others will think and say about us, fear of failure and falling down and just go ahead and do it! He wants us to be courageous and to be brave even if we don’t feel like we are. He wants us to go ahead and do it anyway, even if we are fearful and simply trust in Him, to put some action behind our faith and get moving and living our best life being strong in Him and His promises!
My prayer is to be more child-like everyday, to trust more, to be filled with wonder and curiosity and to ask questions and have a teachable spirit. I want to learn new things. I want to be more adventurous and take risks, abandon all caution and refuse to listen to the nay-Sayers and the voices that tell me “You can’t do that!” I want to have a “can-do” and an “I will” attitude because The Word of God says,

“I can do ALL things through Christ Who strengthens me”!
~~~~~~ Philippians 4:13
My friends, I challenge you to become more child-like; simplify, have a teachable spirit, try something new today, step out of your comfort zone, be inclusive, invite someone new into your group, dare to think BIGGER, dare to believe beyond your wildest imagination and dare to live beyond your boundaries. Expand and stretch your tiny world and look out at how BIG and grand the beauty and goodness and greatness of God is! It’s a great BIG world and it is ours to enjoy, to explore, have fun and to conquer and share with others!


The dishes can wait, it doesn’t matter that the floor needs swept or mopped, the clothes need folding or that errand needs tended to, because all of that stuff will be there when we finish our next big adventure. Now won’t wait, this moment won’t come around again so it is time to enjoy and live it up making memories with her. For all too soon, in the blink of an eye, she’ll be grown just like her Mama is now with a baby girl of her own. Time marches onward and the older I become, the faster the pace. So I will make memories with my precious Sunshine and let other things go, for this time too shall quickly pass and we together will have many a cherished memories.


Have a great day being child-like! It’s so much more fun than being stuck-up, old, crotchety and cranky!


Tonya F Henshaw

June 8, 2017