Love Your Enemies

It’s impossible to remain angry with someone when you bless them. It’s impossible to stay hurt and let bitterness and hate take root in you when you pray for them. When you ask your Father God to touch them (and I’m not talking about smiting them, knocking them down or humiliating them or to harm them in any way) but when you pray for God to move in their life and work things out for them, to deal with them and to meet their needs and heal and restore them to the heart of the Father; this truly is the purest and best way to release your own pain and it allows God to work in your own life and bring about a healing and brings you closer to Him.

My friends, It’s impossible to stifle and stop the blessings of God from flowing and to block His Hand from moving in your own life when you pray blessings upon your enemy.

I have personally learned and experienced the true healing that came to me when I prayed for my enemies, those that hurt me and did me wrong. I am the one that was blessed and restored and promoted and brought up to a higher level in my life when I prayed for them.

God is faithful and He is a just and good God. He is moved when we are faithful and obedient to His word and instructions. We are told to love, to bless and to pray for our enemies. I was reading in Matthew 5 earlier and Jesus tells us “love your enemy and to bless them”. He knows what He’s talking about my friends, He knows what’s best for us when we do what He says.

When we do pray for our enemies we may not see a change in them, we may not witness a difference in their behavior and they may never apologize for their wrong to us; it doesn’t matter, but remember we can’t see what God is doing on the inside in their heart. When we pray for them and release them and the situation into Gods hands; we can’t deny the healing and change within ourselves. The offense won’t hurt as badly, the words won’t sting as sharply and the wounded feelings won’t be as tender when we pray for them.

My friends, don’t allow anyone, especially your enemy to keep you from reaching your destiny and being and receiving all that God has for you. Don’t allow the enemy to keep you from the best you that you can be.

Rise up out of the ashes of offense, hurt feelings and wounded spirit. Let God have His way in your life and in their life. Allow Him to do what only He can and to work on and in them and let Him bring about a healing to you by releasing your enemies and the offense into His hands. You do this by praying for them and blessing them.

Friends, I never share anything that I am not dealing with or have not dealt with in my past. I’ve been there and i am proof that God will take what was meant to destroy us and keep us down and raise us up to new heights in Him. I pray for the Lord to bring healing in you in Jesus Name just as He has done and is doing in me!

Have a great and healing day!

September 2, 2016

Tonya F. Henshaw