Who Is The Real Enemy?


Speaking with a very close family member a few weeks ago along the subject of conflict within the body of Christ, the church and especially within the family relations and how the fighting and division is of such an epic force of evil, vile and vicious tactics. We both realize and agree that families are the number one target being attacked with such evilness by the enemy and we believe if satan is allowed to wedge a toe in the door of any of our lives; he’s in and with full vengeance will hit and hit to knock us completely out of the battle. The destruction and pain he brings with him seems to go beyond repair and any restoration seems like only a fairy-tale dream.

But as this passage of scripture proclaims in Ephesians 6:11-12, we must wake up and realize it’s not an individual that is to blame for the hell and chaos and confusion within the family; but it is a spiritual war going on in the heavenly realm and satan is holding the baton orchestrating the symphony of discord and disharmony and furthering the distance emotionally and physically amongst family members and the sanctity of what family is all about.


People are so easily offended these days, we get our feelings hurt over anything and everything. It’s like we’re walking around expecting and just looking for someone to hurt us. I’ve come to realize that much of what I could get hurt about and bent out of shape over is most often the way I “perceive” something that someone’s said or done. And the remainder of the time I get hurt is because I’ve expected “way too much” from someone and I’m disappointed when they don’t deliver what I expect them to.

All of this falls into satan’s plan!

His goal is to kill, steal and destroy bringing about irreparable damage and to snatch the souls of as many individuals as he can; for he knows his time is limited and we truly are living in the last evil days. The word of God says in Matthew 10:21 that in “the last days brother will betray brother unto death, and a father will turn on his own child; and children will rise up against their parents and cause them to even be put to death. Mother will turn against her daughter and son against his father!”

This scripture may not particularly refer to a physical death, but an emotional death and a spiritual death is deadly as well. All of this is happening now, with the vicious tactics of hate and lies of the enemy within our families.

Satan’s got a plan; he’s running rampant in the earth seeking whom he can devour, who he can use and use whatever means he can to bring about distractions and knock us believers off-balance. He knows if he can injure us, get our focus off of the bigger picture, get us upset and sidelined licking our wounds and nursing our hurt feelings, keeping us from praying (which by the way is of the most powerful tool to wage spiritual war against him we have in our artillery) and we become involved in a fight against one another because maybe they’ve said or done something that has wronged and hurt us; then he’s got his claws in us, we are down and out of the battle and guess what; strike one up for his side, he’s winning!

But if we desire to war against the real enemy, not against flesh and blood, a particular individual, but against satan the real enemy: here is how we fight. We must put into practice and wage war with our spiritual weapons.

  1. Praise! Praising and worshipping God opens up the door and brings us into His presence! When we cloak ourselves with the garment of praise, it protects us from defeat and we are safe when abiding in His presence.
  1. Prayer! Don’t forget that when we are praying we are battling satan where he’s the weakest. He hates when we turn our attention and focus off the suffering and pain he’s causing us and turn our attention and focus back on God.
  1. Word of God! Our mind is where one of the major battles is fought. When the enemy attacks here, trying to make us think wrong, thus we perceive and assume wrong, then we act wrongly and the war continues on with the wrong people……. So, we must realize who the “real” enemy is and we must use the Word of God to prevent those wrong thoughts from taking root at conception and rip them up and quote scripture back to him!
  1. Love! When we choose to walk in love, choose to act loving and let love lead us; hate, conflict and defeat cannot be present too. It’s either one or the other!

If we choose love; we will act accordingly and Gods side wins the battle~ we will be forgiving, gentle, and kind, patient, peaceful, tolerant, joyful, long-suffering and giving. If we choose hate; our actions are accordingly too and satan wins the battle~ we will be unforgiving, hold a grudge, upset, mad, angry, resentful, self-absorbed, harsh, sarcastic and selfish. Let’s choose love!

My friends, we can do this, find courage and strength in the Lord today! Let’s put our armor on to do battle with the real enemy! Let us do our part and let God do the rest!

Have an incredibly beautiful day, go about taking care of what needs to be taken care of and know the battle is not ours alone. God is with us, let’s keep our minds focused on where it needs to be and get back to waging war against the enemy which is satan and all his pesky little demons in this spiritual warfare. We are more than conquerors through and with Christ on our side! We are victorious and God is always with us!

Tonya F. Henshaw

August 2018