He Is Always Watchful and Always Present

If we are open; keeping our eyes, ears and heart in tune,  we can learn so much and be impacted by simply observing our world around us in everyday, simple acts. dad and son at park I observed a father with his little boy about 2-3 yrs old yesterday walking from a parked car in the parking lot at work. I could tell they were on a mission, not in a bi g hurry or rushed, but focused on getting to a certain point of destination. The little boy was being a typical tot in that he had both hands extended so he could rub them along the sides of other parked cars, he then stopped, bent down to observe and pick at something on the ground and quickly stomped on it, then he stood up looking heavenward with both hands extended and turned around in circles as he attempted to walk on in his dad’s footsteps. The father kept walking, at times even backwards, looking over his shoulder watching the little boy. He stopped at one point so the boy could catch up and I noticed the little boy kept an eye on his daddy too. What really got the little boys attention and even scared him was the blaring siren of a fire truck as it weaved in and out of traffic down the road past him. The little boy ran straight toward his daddy, frightened of the loud noise and grabbed his leg holding on for safety; the father so loving, yet quickly scooped the little boy up in his arms and carried him over his shoulder, patting his back the rest of the way til I lost sight of them around a corner.


I smiled and my heart felt all warm inside as I was reminded of my own personal relationship with Papa God. I walk along with Him, as He leads the way in my life, we have a distinct destination in mind. However at times I may get distracted, disoriented, tired and things may draw my attention away from where and what I am supposed to be going and doing, but like the dad yesterday exemplified, my Father patiently allows me to stop and dawdle a little, act silly, get dirty and observe my surroundings, exploring and enjoying my journey along the way. There are the times too when I am frightened and afraid of something, whether real or imagined, or ghosts from my past that at times haunt me and I look to Him, running for safety, I cling to his leg and He scoops me up in His arms and carries me until I no longer am afraid. In His strong arms I find safety, strength, comfort and peace. The loud noises, the big obstacles, the dark night, the shadows and the fear of the unknown are nothing to Father, He sees it for what it is and He has a plan, a way through and around everything that appears bad and scary.


I encourage you today, run to your Father and allow Him to scoop you up in His big, strong arms and carry you on to a safe place, where your destination is in sight. Take a deep breath, get your second wind today and keep going on in faith, it is going to be OK. You are safe and never alone. Just as the dad kept his eye on his son, Father God‘s eyes are ever on you. You won’t stray too far that He won’t reel you back in and keep you safe. Have a blessed Sunday and be a blessing to someone else today!



October 13, 2013 Tonya F. Henshawfather-son-holding-hands