Be Someone’s Miracle


As early as a few hours ago, I sat across the table from a beautiful young woman, I looked into her eyes full of pain, hurting, heart-broken and trying to smile and behind her eyes, the sorrow is evident and very real.

Sometimes there are no words to help, nothing one can to do to take away or numb the pain. It’s not like as a child when she fell down and scraped her knee and her mommy scooped her up, cleaned the wound and put a magical band-aid on it, kissed it and said a simple prayer “Jesus heal this bobo and make her feel all better”, then wiped her tears and kissed her forehead and off she went to play again. No it is different now because a band-aid won’t heal this kind of pain. There are other people involved in her pain, issues I don’t have the solution for and it is completely beyond my control to fix her problem & heal her wounds and lessen the heavy burden that is weighing her down.

We all have people in our lives that are hurting. We need to be extra sensitive to their needs. At these times, we may not have the words, the means or know exactly what to do, but we can simply say a prayer and if we are able to, reach and touch their hand and hug them letting them know they are not alone but that we care and we will not allow them to suffer alone.

Friends, while many of us celebrate this beautiful, magical and special season with family gathered in a warm and comfortable home enjoying home-baked goodies and a big turkey and ham and the delicious sides and a beautifully lit Christmas tree and gifts wrapped in shiny paper and tied with curly bows, I encourage you to remember and reach out to the ones that are in pain, the lonely, the forgotten and the one’s suffering in silence in the midst of all the busyness and joy’s of Christmas. They are often overlooked and miss out on the tremendous blessing of family togetherness!

Maybe you are the one suffering, maybe you are the one being betrayed and abandoned, or you are the one struggling and trying very hard to make ends meet and it seems nothing changes. Perhaps you are at the end of your rope and it seems there is no hope. Well I tell you, there is hope, there is life worth living and hold on a little longer, help and healing, “The ANSWER” is on its way.

While going through pain is often what shapes us, it’s the moments of hope in the midst of that pain that can sustain us. There are many people struggling to make it through the holidays. Let us look for moments and opportunities to extend love, understanding, hope and joy to others.

Read a message from a minister a few days ago and this is what he said about the seemingly hopeless times,

“These are the moments we find in the original Christmas story. A savior born into the world, HOPE for all mankind, only to grow up and face rejection, betrayal and death. All that we go through, He’s been through before. Our hurts and our joys, He knows it all. After enduring death on the cross and three days in the grave, our HOPE rose again. I simply pray that in the midst of the pain you find moments of joy. Moments when the pressure on your chest lightens, the knot in your throat eases, anxiety lifts, and hope peeks through. As you can, look for these moments.”

~~~~~Pastor Chris Brown

HOPE is alive! He arose from the grave on the 3rd day and He is here today to help. You are not alone and your answer is coming! Keep believing, stir up your faith no matter how small it is, stir it up and keep moving forward. It is hard, but when you allow someone else to help you and carry your load the load is lessened.

Today, right now be determined and on purpose, reach out and touch someone’s life in a powerful, positive and healing way even in the midst of your own pain, look beyond yourself and to the way you can be someone else’s miracle! This is what is so incredibly miraculous and magical about this time of year.

Look around and see the blessings, even the tiniest in your life and let them bring joy to your heart. Be hopeful in the HOPE of your salvation!

Have a healing and miraculous Christmas my friends, be someone’s miracle! There are miracles inside of you just waiting to be released!

Tonya F. Henshaw

December 18, 2014