God Is A Safe Place

father-son-sunriseGod is a safe place to hide, ready to help when we need him.”

~~~ Psalm 46:1 The Message

A little boy was having difficulty lifting a heavy stone.
His father came along just then.
Noting the boy’s failure, he asked, “Are you using all your strength?”
“Yes, I am,” the little boy said impatiently.
“No, you are not,” the father answered,
“I am right here just waiting and you haven’t asked me to help you.”

A word of encouragement today is that we have Someone Who is willing, capable and ready to help us with everything that concerns us, we do not have to carry our heavy troubles around by ourselves. We do not have to walk this journey facing the darkness and all the bad stuff alone. Nor do we have to struggle because we can’t depend on anyone else. We don’t have to be depressed and angry because there is no one to talk to that seems to care and understand what we are going through.

There is Someone that loves you, will help you, will give you strength and courage, Someone that will give you wisdom and discernment to make better decisions and the ability to forgive the ones that have hurt you. He will fight your battles, running off the bullies and bring you into victory and He will give you a peace in knowing all is well, that you are going to be OK, no matter how bad the situation is now. You will make it through!

All you have to do is ask Him! All that you need, all that you require and desire is at your disposal for He stands with an open heart and extended hand to you now, just ask for His help, because He will not force Himself on us. ASK!

May you have a great day and a lighter day because you ask for help, it is OK, we were never designed and created to do it alone! Be at peace and rest knowing you are in good hands! :o)