Keep Moving!

Keep Moving!

These are a couple of words that I have heard no less than 100 times over the last couple of weeks. They pop up in conversation about exercise, fitness and an overall well being in body, mind and soul. I hear them referred to in our personal spiritual journey, staying in the race of life and I hear them when referring to military and war efforts in the news around the world.

Movement has great benefits; losing weight, strengthening and toning our muscles. Movement is especially beneficial if we are moving and progressing in the right direction, toward our goals and keeping our vision in sight.

We are not meant to be vagabonds; wandering aimlessly with no hope, vision or purpose. Sometimes we lose sight of our calling, our passion, our dreams and our destiny. We become distracted, tired or lazy, or sometimes something may happen completely out of our control. Maybe our past keeps us from progressing and succeeding. Maybe we took a wrong turn, maybe we detoured and came upon a dead-end-street, it happens sometimes.

We have to move beyond our past mistakes, pain and failures. We must apply the lessons learned and use them as a stepping stone or ladder to move us higher and onward. When we know better, we do better! So from here, forgive yourself and get moving!

Maybe other times it is others negative influence or your own fear of failure that keep you from getting back on the road. We have to step out beyond our fear and do it anyway! That is where faith comes in: we don’t feel it, we don’t see it, BUT we believe and hope for it! We must reject the evil, negative influence from others and listen to what Father says about us. We are His “masterpiece”; wonderfully and uniquely made, one-of-a-kind. He has already equipped us with everything we need to finish our journey.

Let us not become stuck and trapped in the quicksand of our past~~~keep progressing forward in this journey. Our lives are continuously moving, meant to be a fresh clean river~~~not a stinky, stagnant pool. We are traveling this road of life~~~not stranded in a parking lot.

Have you realized the windshield of a car is designed larger than the rear view mirror on purpose….. If we drive looking where we have been, we will most certainly crash! So look ahead, see what is coming. There is bountiful blessings and good things awaiting.

I pray that we may refocus our attention and our eyes on what is ahead, keep pressing on, keep moving forward….it is moving day!

Father, please expand our vision, let us see with clarity, broaden our horizon and may we roll down the windows allowing fresh air to awaken our perception and may we be prepared for this exhilarating adventure as we get on the road toward our destination! road-trip-m


Tonya F Henshaw

June 16, 2013