“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

~~~~~~ Albert Einstein

Webster’s defines a “Miracle” as:
……. a wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God

I believe miracles happen every single day, because I choose to see them and recognize them as what they are~ MIRACLES in my life!

Miracles are in the golden sun breaking through the darkness as it rises over the horizon; the breath-taking reds and oranges, pinks and purples of the same sun setting at the end of a day; the vibrant colors of a rainbow after a refreshing cleansing rain shower; the distant thunder of an approaching storm and the smell of rain settling the dust; the intricate details on the petals of a fresh flower; the sweet taste of a red ripe tomato picked straight from the vine and warm from the sun; the irresistible aroma of pure sweetness from a slice of fresh cantaloupe and watermelon; the pleasant surprise of a bright yellow sunflower popping up out of nowhere; in colorful wildflowers blanketing an open field; the welcomed shade from the scorching Summer sun of a tall tree and the breeze that cools a working sweaty overheated body at the right time.

Miracles are in the symphony of birds gathering to feed in the early morning; in the squirrels frolicking and chasing one another for pure entertainment; in a hummingbird whizzing so close I can reach out and touch it and see the transparency of its wings; in the fact that a bumble bee is not supposed to be able to fly because it’s wings are too small to lift its body weight but defies gravity anyway. Miracles are the peaceful grazing cattle in the pasture on the hillside; the majestic sound of horses hooves thundering through the field; the patience of my beloved dog Bella that waits all day long for a simple pat on the head of recognition and the few minutes to throw her tennis ball and in return, I get the unconditional love and trusted protection I feel from her all the time.

Miracles are in the smile and nod of someone I’ve never seen before; in the person in the other vehicle that motions for me to go ahead of them, in the person in line before me that pays for my coffee or lunch, in the helping hand of a friend without ever asking; a phone call from someone that’s been on my heart lately; a nice visit from someone just dropping by; the introduction and handshake of a new acquaintance that turns out to later be a good and encouraging friend that came into my life for a reason; miracles are in the right words spoken at precisely the right time and a “thinking of you” card arriving in the mail and a text from someone just to say, “HI”!

Miracles are in the waking up next to my husband one more day; his big muscular arms wrapped around me so tightly I can hear his heartbeat; the kiss that lingers a little longer and leaves me wanting more; the flutter in my chest when I know he’s about to walk through the door; the overpowering warmth that floods my being when I think of the love we’ve made and have shared and the beautiful life we’ve built together and the dreams we still have to live and make come true.

Miracles are in the growing belly of a pregnant womb; hearing and seeing the heartbeat on a sonogram especially for the first time; in the miraculous journey from the womb to the touch of human hands as the baby emerges into this world and the gasp of its first breath; a miracle is in counting their tiny fingers and toes; in feeling their fingers wrap around yours so tightly and looking into their angelic face as they sleep and wonder what you’ve done so wonderful and great in your life to be given this incredible blessing.

A miracle is in the reckoning that you are responsible for another human being and the realization that you will be a parent for the rest of your life. Miracles are in watching a child’s first step alone; their first words spoken. It’s a miracle in how incredibly quick they grow in the first two years and that they’ve reached approximately half their adult height by 24 their months is an amazing fact to grasp.

Miracles are in the squeals and giggles and unbridled energy of children playing; it’s in the excitement and sense of adventure and detailed exploration of absolutely EVERYTHING; miracles are in observing the great big world through their eyes and really seeing that which we would not have given a second thought to; a miracle is in the innocence and acceptance of their untaught prejudice and bigotry and being able to love and get along with others without restraints; it’s in the fact that part of your DNA will live on through them and that you have an incredible responsibility to raise and care and shape and share your wisdom of life experiences as you pour into their ever absorbing sponge-like minds.

Miracles are in locking eyes with your grandchild for the first time and it’s in the joy that this little human brings into your home and life. Miracles are in the slobbery kisses of their cherub lips pressed against your face; they’re trying on your reading glasses and shoes to just be like you; in their chunky thighs running with outstretched arms into yours; it’s in the continuous fingerprints on the glass and windows throughout your house; it’s in pillows and blankets all over to build forts and tents stretched from one piece of furniture to the next; it’s in not caring that the kitchen floor is sticky and there’s laundry and errands to be done because they want you to read the “I’ll Love You Forever” & “That’s What I’d Do” book just one more time. Miracles are in hearing them say your name (NANA) as they reach for you and it’s in giving them a popsicle for breakfast (it is a yogurt pop) simply because they want one and you can without hesitation because this little soul is your grand-baby! (Tiffany, one day you will fully understand, I promise)!

Miracles are everywhere; in the everyday, the ordinary, the mundane, the normal. Miracles are all around us all the time, every single moment because simply put~God is everywhere, He is with each of us all the time and He in His divine power and amazing grace and endless love~ has given them to us. It’s truly a miracle!

My friends, may you open your eyes and your ears and all your senses; stretch your gaze, unfasten the fences, open the locked gates, let down your guard, break down the barriers, enlarge your space and open your heart to the miracles just waiting to be enjoyed. They are already here~can you see them, can you feel them, can you hear and smell them, can you taste them, can you embrace them and receive them in the many ways they have been given into your life?

A miracle is in living, breathing, loving and sharing! Perhaps you can be someone’s miracle today, maybe you can be the answer to their prayer; because miracles do still happen every single day!



Tonya F. Henshaw

July 21, 2016