imageWhen trouble arises, touching me or a loved one or dear friend, the first thing I think is,

“Ok, the fight is on!” But deep within my spirit comes one of my favorite scriptures and that is Psalms 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God,” and within those 8 words, my soul is comforted, my thoughts transition from fight-fight-fight to one of peace. My heart is warmed and I trust and have faith that the battle is not mine to wage, but the battle is in Gods hands.

What does “be still” look like, what does it mean and how do we do it? How do we encourage ourself, family members and friends to be at peace and watch God do a miracle in the midst of raging storms all about?

Digging deeper in the word of God and researching what stillness means, here are some words that define and relate to being still and letting God do what only He can do!

To be STILL: free from noise, turbulence and untroubled.

When we set aside and disengage from the outside noise and voices and influence, we open ourselves up to hear the voice of God. His presence will bring comfort and He will instruct and lead us through our difficult times. When we push away the inner voices, the lies that tell us “it’s over, you’ll never make it through this”, and replace them with the truth, the positive promises Father has made to us, we transition from a hopeless-helpless situation to one of “My God can do anything!” Think about a song, let the words resonate deep within our spirit, “He’ll Do It Again!” or “There’s A Lighthouse” or Mandisa’s “Good Mornin”! There is no way to remain discouraged with the words of these songs. Let’s think back to another time when we were down and out and had no answer, did God make a way? Let’s remind ourself of the miracles God did for us and soon we will have the strength to face this current obstacle with all the courage needed knowing with God by our side, we are a champion!

To be CALM: a period or condition or freedom from storms; a state of tranquility

Calmness does not mean there isn’t a storm still raging, but what it does mean is that the storm is not raging inside us. The storm is still there, but it has no effect on us. The storm does not bring trouble to us, because our trust is in God and we no longer have to be afraid.

To HUSH: to put to rest, be silent

Often there are times when we get mad at God when bad things happen. When we allow this anger to rise up, we don’t have room in our heart for the presence of God. Resist the temptation to rant and scream and complain about God. Replace that temper tantrum with praises and thanking God for ALL the other blessings we have. When we do this and we wait upon Him, putting to rest our complaints, healing comes to our broken hearts.

To be at PEACE: untroubled by conflict; devoid of violence or force

When difficulties and conflicts come, when we choose to be at peace, untroubled by them because of our faith and trust in God, only then can we know true peace that defies all human understanding.

To be PLACID: serenely free of interruption and disturbance

When we free ourselves of outside stimulation and distractions, we learn to be still and quiet as we pray, read scripture, meditate, nap or rest; we are setting ourselves up for time to not only communicate with God, but to allow our Heavenly Father to communicate with us.

To REST: marked by, affording, or suggesting rest and repose; being in a state of rest

The busyness and demands of life makes it impossible for us to truly hear what God is trying to tell us sometimes. It is when we slow down and allow ourselves the opportunity to rest, disconnect from the world that our mind and heart can focus on those things that are of the greatest importance. God wants to talk to us, but we have to be ready and available to listen.

To be SERENE: shining bright and steady, constant, continuous

The sun is always shining. I realized this recently on a trip in an airplane. We were delayed for half an hour while a terrible storm raged about us on the plane in Dallas. When we were finally given clearance to take off, it was still raining and dark, the wind still blowing but as soon as we ascended above the storm clouds, it was sunny, calm and serene. We just had to get above the storm clouds!
Lesson learned: the Son is always present, it is when we turn away from Him and let other things get in between us that is it dark and scary and we have clouded vision. Stay focused, keeping our eyes on Him.

To be QUIET: gentle, easy-going

God is pleased with us when we are gentle, kind and loving with others. We have the ability to ease our own troubles when we are serving others and lifting their burdens.

To be TRANQUIL: free from agitation of mind

When our whole body is at peace because our spirit and mind is at peace, we are able to see things with eyes that are undistorted, we will feel things with a pure, clean heart and hear the voice of our Father with open, unmuffled ears. We will know Gods will because we will be in tune with Him, He resides within us and we are one with him.

When we are still, looking to God, trusting in God, knowing we are His children and He loves us, He promised to never leave us nor to ever forsake us; We are never alone, never, ever forgotten, we are reminded that everything we face will turn out for our benefit. It may not look likely, but keep believing. Don’t give up, don’t lose hope, don’t lose sight of Him. He is here!

“Be still and know that I am God,” are not just words written on a page thousands of years ago, they are not just a not saying, a phrase…… No! It is a promise, a vow God makes to you and to me that if we will be still; He will show Himself, the Miracle-worker He is, He will show up and move mountains, calm the storms, create a way for us to pass through unharmed, He will make the crooked paths straight, He will make us better, bigger, stronger, more mature and resilient afterwards. Trust Him, lean unto Him, He is faithful and more than able to take care of this problem. All it takes is for us to be still and let Him do what He does best and that is to prove Himself and His amazing love for us over and over and over again!

Tonya F Henshaw
October 13, 2014