You Do Make A Difference, One Person At A Time

Just read a story of a business man and his wife that were so busy with the demands and responsibility of running a successful business, raising their children, being involved in their church, actively committed to one another and helping to look after their aging parents and they were to a point of sheer exhaustion.

starfishNeeding a break from it all, they went to a seaside resort for a long weekend and the second night a violent storm came lashing the beach and massive thundering and lightening and winds howled. The husband lay in bed listening wondering when the storm would end for it lasted for several hours and he likened the severe storm to his own life; the pressures, the demands, the responsibilities, the pulling and stretching and never-ending of someone always needingg and wanting more of his time, his attention, his money, his knowledge, his help. When will he ever accomplish it, when will he ever do and be enough? It seemed impossible to make a difference for everyone, he felt like a failure.

He awakened at nearly daybreak, crawled out of bed and went for a long walk on the beach to see what type of damage there was. As he strolled, he saw that the beach was covered with starfish that had been thrust ashore and helplessly stranded by the massive waves. He knew that once the hot sun burned through the clouds the starfish would die.

In the not to far distance, he saw an interesting sight. A young boy who also saw the heart-wrenching ending of the doomed starfish and he was picking them up, one at a time and throwing it back into the water. “Why are you doing that?” the man asked as he drew closer to the boy, “Can’t you see, One person will never make a difference, you’ll never be able to get all those starfish back into the ocean. There are too many.”

The young boy replied, as he bent over and picked up another one tossing it into the water and smiled, ” but I sure made a difference for that one!”starfish1

There will always be more to do than our time and energy will allow. We are only one person, but the truth is that each of us can do something. Each of can touch one person, we can make a difference in their life.

Don’t get down and discouraged and beat yourself up because you feel as if you aren’t doing enough. Father God honors and will multiply even your smallest efforts. He rewards our faithfulness.

So, I may not reach them all, that is humanly impossible. But I am responsible for the people I share a home with, those that I am related to, those that live around me, work with me, those that I come in contact with and that God brings across my path everyday.

I can and I will make a difference in their lives with an encouraging word, a prayer, a hug, a cup of coffee, a meal, a smile, a wave, a few dollars, a gift, a phone call, a surprise visit, a card, a letter, a text….. Whatever and whichever way I can touch someone in a positive uplifting way, I will do it today.

We cannot do everything-but we can do something! Have an incredibly blessed and joyful day my friends!

Tonya F Henshaw
April 28, 2015