What If We Weren’t Afraid?

CA-Beach-Sunset-KidsPlaying-2013_zpsde023c04What would happen if we weren’t afraid? What could we do, what could we accomplish and who would we be if fear had no control over us?

If what others thought and said we could and could not do had no power and held us back and we lived our lives fearless and with no restraints; oh the places we could go and things we could do and experiences we could enjoy!

How amazing and exhilarating the adventures! To allow our minds to expand and our imaginations run wild and our creativity juices to flow!

What is it we are we afraid of?

Was reading this morning in Matthew 18 and I’ve often wondered what Jesus meant when He said we “are to be converted and become as little children”.

I believe Jesus is saying we must have child-like faith. Faith is the child-like attitude.

Children are not fearful, afraid, suspicious, critical, judgmental, hateful, stingy, sarcastic and prejudiced until they are taught to be and learn by example from the adults in their lives.

Children are simple, they are so impressionable, they are trusting, they believe what they are told. They have such a sense of adventure and are curious and forever asking questions, they are eager to learn like little sponges soaking up knowledge. Children seek after joy in life, they desire to have fun, they readily laugh and are full of fresh ideas and have wild imaginations. They dream BIG, believe they are invincible and they can do anything, they think everything is possible, they have great courage, they are brave and they are strong!

I believe children have more of the Spirit of Christ in them than many adults do. Their little souls have just come from the presence of Father God and they are full of light, they are fresher, newer and unscathed from the darkness and evil in this life.

As we live our lives, we often lose our way taking the wrong turn and end up lost. Bad things happen because we live in an imperfect world with imperfect people and we experience pain and suffering. We all go through it! But the main difference is what do we do with the pain?

Some may decide to live with the pain, perpetuating it and nurturing and feeding it because they get a lot of attention by their suffering. Others may choose to ignore the pain, refusing to see it for the truth it is and never deal with it. And then others deny it, cover it up and numb the sting of it with drugs, alcohol, sex and whatever form of addiction they choose to take on to keep from facing it instead of embracing the pain and letting it teach them a lesson.

Why must we waste the pain and get angry and bitter and resentful and harden our hearts and refuse to let love and healing come in. Why are we afraid of pain and grief?

With pain comes grief. We can’t deny or skip out on the grieving of something and someone we’ve lost; because grief simply means we have loved greatly! Grief validates our love! It’s ok to be sad, it’s ok to grieve over our pain; it’s a testament that we have loved and someone we’ve loved is gone. So go ahead and grieve. No one can tell you how to do it and for how long.

We must quit fearing the pain, for it’s in the pain that we learn our most valuable lessons. What breaks my heart and rips at my soul may not be what breaks and rips yours; but the heartbreaking and pain is the same. Don’t waste the pain; let’s let it teach, let it mold and make us into the person we are destined to be.

For it’s in our pain are we the most vulnerable and raw and open to learning and healing. It’s in facing the pain, trembling and scared that we must run toward it and not away from it. If we would stop fearing our pain; we would bring healing to our world. Remember: There is no glory without going through our painful story. There is no resurrection without the crucifixion. There is no victory without the battle. There is no birth without the birth pains, no healing if there is no pain and there is no light without darkness, no day without night and no rainbow without the rain!

Don’t shy away from and be afraid of doing something because it’s too hard or we may get hurt or fail. We may be afraid, we may be fearful and tremble at the thought of it; but do it anyway.

I think of Ellie when she looks down from the top of the big slide at the playground and she waits, observing the long way down and surveying the ground underneath her; she looks at me and I say, “Come in, you can do it! Nana’ s here to catch you!” She smiles in spite of her hesitancy and sits down and with a wild giggle and her huge blue eyes locked on mine she lets go and away she goes! “Again! It was fun” she screams! She isn’t afraid. She is brave and courageous and having a delightful time! My heart is all warm and gushy just soaking up her many adventures of learning and conquering her little world!

When we face our fears, when we become child-like and act like we aren’t afraid in spite of our fears and do it anyway, we become the courageous fierce warrior we were created to be.

When we find what breaks our heart, lets let it lead us into what will bring healing. And that will lead us into our life’s truest passion and therefore where and what we were divinely purposed to do and be in our life. And there is no greater joy than to be doing what we are called and anointed to do and then to be surrounded with others that have the same passion and work toward bringing healing in their world is the most gratifying and fulfilling life we can ever live.

Have a wonderful day, become child-like in your faith, in your trusting and your attitude and in your passions. Not childish, but child-like! Stir up your faith, revive your dreams, fan the flames of what you are passionate about, rekindle your God-given desires and dare to live your life fearless!

Tonya F. Henshaw

July 5, 2017