Gratitude:An Attitude of The Heart

“There is often in people to whom the worst has happened an almost transcendent freedom; for they have faced the worst and survived it!”

~~~~~ Carol Pearson (motivational speaker and author of The Hero Within)

Most of us love to hear a hero’s story of how they’ve triumphed over trials, tragedy and times of great struggle and pain to forge ahead into winning and living their destiny.

It’s easy to celebrate and applaud the courage and bravery of others who have moved beyond their hurts and their past to triumph, heal and find beauty and purpose in their lives; but is it impossible in our own?

Why can’t we muster up and find gratitude in our own struggles and suffering? Why can’t we be one of those people who are just grateful to be alive?

What I have learned from these heroic testimonies is there are a few common threads woven through their stories. For these heroic people, they are full of gratitude for what didn’t happen. The experience didn’t kill them but they lived for a reason. Secondly they’ve learned the lesson from within their experience and by facing it they’ve learned what they’re made of and who they are. Then, they’ve made gratitude a perpetual habit, they practice it in all areas of their lives and they express it freely. They live a life of forgiveness, they forgive those that have hurt them and they’ve made peace with their own failures. They appreciate the simple things about life and look for and find beauty in all things. And the majority of them are thankful for the tragic experience because it opened them up and led them into their purpose for being born and now they’re living their destiny and fulfilling their calling in life. They’ve created their own story for their future!

For these hero’s, their tragedy didn’t kill them, didn’t destroy them; but it helped to shape and define them and bring out the person from within who they are meant to be. Just regular ordinary people like you and me that are winners, victorious and triumphant over great tragedies! A hero is within each of us!

Most of us are not born being grateful, we don’t know how to “dance in the rain” but we learn it from others and from our life experiences. The more we practice it, the more gratitude becomes an ingrained part of us.

I read recently an excerpt from BJ Gallagher that when we see a storm coming with its dark clouds and rain, we won’t run and hide from it seeking shelter but will actually slip on our rain boots, throw our arms high in the air, looking upward and dance in the rain!


My friends, let’s choose to be grateful, let’s be courageous and let’s allow the hero within us to emerge! We are winners; let’s dance in the rain and let’s teach our children and grandchildren and others how to dance in the rain too!

Have a blessed and glorious day!

Tonya F. Henshaw

February 2017


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