Don’t Be Part of The Problem

“If you’re filled with anger about all those problems, (all that’s going on now), you are one more person who contributes to the pollution of anger.”

~~~~~ Dr Wayne Dyer

It’s in our desire to do something, to see change and to bring a solution to the problems that we choose to speak and act in love. For love motivates us to think and be more loving, more feeling, more passionate and more peaceful. We will be more influential, constructive and creative than those ravaged with hate, acting out in destructive evil ways. They are the farthest removed from our loving God and perhaps we can reach them and overcome their evil with our good.

When we turn the bad news, the negative reports, the hurtful ill-treatment and mean evil words spoken over us into our loving and caring Fathers Hands, healing begins. When we treat our mind, body and soul to good thoughts and prayers that are loving and encouraging; we begin to equip ourselves to bring about change.

My friends, let’s take a break from the madness. Perhaps treat yourself to a healthy nutritional meal, drink lots of fresh pure water, get some exercise, breathe deeply, step outside and get some fresh air, look around, look up and appreciate the beauty of nature and the night sky. Listen. Take a nap, relax for a while, go to bed early, let your mind wander to the feel of the ocean breeze or imagine standing in a cool stream gazing at mountaintops covered with snow or imagine yourself in a serene lake paddling a canoe.

Go take a hot bubble bath or an invigorating shower. Turn up the music of your beautiful classical concerto or your jazz favorites. Watch an old comedy with no vulgar language and laugh out loud, let it make your heart merry. Play with your kids or grand baby on the floor, look at the room around you from their perspective and through their eyes. Pick your pet up and cuddle them in your arms, go up to your love and look them in the face, stare them in the eye and see how long you can until you both laugh out loud.

When we step aside the anger that is permeating all around us and refuse to be a part; it allows us to refocus and realign and to reconnect with God. We will radiate a higher frequency of positive energy, our light will shine brighter and love will ooze from our inner most being.

Become “an instrument of Thy peace” and “where there is hatred, let me sow love” as St. Francis of Assisi prayed.

Don’t be part of the problem, don’t fall into the “anger-hate conflict”, be one who resolves the problem. Fear, hate, anger, rage, evil and darkness cannot flourish where there is love, light, peace and the presence of God, because wherever we are; there He is also.

My friends, be good to yourself, be kind to others, show some compassion and let’s try to be understanding. Many people are afraid, they are scared and uninformed. Many don’t know any other way to act but to be destructive and throw temper tantrums because things don’t go their way. It’s important that we don’t act the same and antagonize and nurture bad behavior. Let’s all choose to rise up to a higher level of thinking and speaking and acting! Let’s be the change we want to see!

Tonya F. Henshaw

February 8, 2017


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