Lesson learned from an eight year old:

I bought my great-niece some new crayons and when I gave them to her I said, “Let’s throw away your old broken crayons and put these new ones in your crayon box.” She says to me, “But Aunt Tonya, I love these broken and old crayons, they’re still useful, they still color beautiful pages!”


Wow, just wow! What a profound and truthful statement from the mouth of a little child!


My friends, it doesn’t matter what has happened to you, what you’ve been through or how broken, bruised, abused and used up you are. It doesn’t matter how you’ve been treated, what you’ve done to yourself, or what you haven’t done. You are not trash, you are not garbage and you are not disposable, you are not easily replaceable.

You are beautiful, you are worth something. You are unique and you are usable! You are wonderfully made! You have a purpose and you have a special call of God upon your life. You have survived what you have for a reason. What the enemy has tried to destroy you with; God didn’t let him. Don’t believe the lies of satan any longer. God loves you and He wants you and He can still bring about the beautiful masterpiece within you!

Your colors are still in you, through and through! You are full of promise and you are enough right where you are and as you are!

Have a beautiful day and let your colors shine through your brokenness!

Tonya F. Henshaw

October 12, 2016