Wal-Mart Missionary

I visited a local Wal-Mart store yesterday, I normally don’t like shopping there because of how big they are and I usually buy more than I intended when I do go, but in the entrance was an old man sitting on a wooden bench handing out Bible tracts and tiny New Testament Bibles. It touched my heart and I was moved at his compassion and determination to share the “good news” of Jesus. Some people brushed him off and hurried past him, some ignored him completely, but some accepted his gift and smiled and a few even stopped and let him pray with them. 
As I took a tract from his hand, I smiled and shook his hand and told him I was a believer, I told him I admired his passion and zeal to reach out to people and he said, “Wal-Mart is my mission field, just as if I were in Africa, India or China. I am 85 years old I am a missionary and an ambassador for Christ, my message is the same wherever I am!” 
I hugged him as I walked away with tears in my eyes, because I was reminded that a mission field really is not a physical place, a specific geographical area…….no, it is within each human heart. People are hurting, struggling, lost and searching for answers even in a Wal-Mart in middle Tennessee. So wherever people are; that is a mission field. 
My friends, let’s be “missionaries” wherever we go this week.  Let’s be “representatives” of Christ to a hurting, disappointed and angry world. Let’s be real, let’s be genuine and let’s show them the love of our Father. Many will never enter the doors of a Church building, nor open the pages of a Bible; we may be the only Jesus they see, hear or witness and come close to. Let’s be the real thing to them! No judgment, no condemnation and no excluding; let us be loving and kind and generous! 
Have a beautiful week!
Tonya F Henshaw

March 6, 2016


4 thoughts on “Wal-Mart Missionary

  1. Praise our God and Savior for using him as this, I would not even though of this genuine idea.
    May Lord put and use me as His Will , I am ready I pray.

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    1. Thank you for reading Mary Lou! I know, his words are so simple and his faith is just as simple. His heart and passion touched me deeply! God bless you my sister!


  2. Hey Tonya….great article…as a WalMart driver I go to all the stores in a 12 state area…the people and needs I see are so great…bottom line is we all are in need of a Savior… I wrote the song “It Just Takes A Heart” for our WalMart events and it really describes what you got to experience….

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    1. Wayne thank you for your service and your missions heart. God is so good and yes we all need Jesus! I believe every place we go is “mission field” because there are people everywhere we go.

      God bless you my brother!


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