We Are A Work In Progress

bread 8

Who is it that isn’t tempted and gives in and makes a  welcomed exception for some carbs to the overwhelming aroma of fresh baked homemade bread coming straight from the oven, when it’s perfectly toasty brown on top? Oh and to slice a square of real authentic butter and slather it in the middle as it melts in the crevices of every inch of the bread. And then you put it to your mouth and the aroma with the warmth in your hand and the creamy butter all create a happy celebration to the tastebuds! Yum-yum-yum!!!!!

Have you ever thought about this? Before the bread can be buttered; the ingredients must be added together, set aside for awhile to rest, then taken and rolled out, kneaded, pinched and rolled some more around on a hard surface, punched and pulled and rolled again mixing and making sure all the ingredients are evenly dispersed throughout and set aside again, covered and brought out and shaped into a pan then finally put in a hot oven to bake at the precise temperature until perfection!

Kind of like life huh? My friends, roll with the punches, don’t get all bent out of shape when things are not going as you expected or planned. Be pliable, lean into the twists and turns and unexpected delays. Be able to bend and shift, don’t resist the changes in front of you. Be open to the unexpected occurrences, sometimes being set aside to rise to the occasion God has destined you to be. Because in reality, it is all for your good.

When you accepted Christ into your heart as your Savior and you placed your life in Father Gods hands and trusted Him; there is absolutely nothing that comes your way and will destroy you that He hasn’t already foreseen and knows full well you are capable of handling and being made stronger and perfected through Him.

Just like that aromatic delicious bread from the oven; it didn’t just magically happen. There is a lot of prep work involved; ingredients mixed together, kneaded together and then time to rest and rise together and then time in the oven until it’s perfected!

So are we; a work in progress!

Tonya F Henshaw

February 27, 2016