tree roots 2


People are hurting, people are in pain, and people are struggling trying to make ends meet, trying to survive, and making it one more day. Some are living with heartache, heart-break and a mind full of memories from a horrible past. Maybe they can’t get beyond a devastating event that took place when they were young and lay innocently being victimized by someone they trusted. Like ghosts that visit in the dark, the haunting memories come flooding back every time they think they’re over it and over and over again they find themselves replaying the video in their minds and they are left alone, afraid and fearful.  The fear is paralyzing and makes it impossible to forge ahead, make good decisions and mildly function in a normal range. Then there are those living with depression, sadness and an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness.  There are those that feel trapped and held prisoner with their unforgiveness as a constant companion. They don’t feel forgiven themselves and can’t seem to overcome the guilt and shame and blame heaped upon them by everyone for not getting over it. Maybe they have been abused, beaten up, left in their brokenness and of no use to anyone anymore. Maybe they have been rejected, betrayed, left and abandoned, perhaps they have been told they are “no good”, they are a “bad seed”, or they “won’t amount to nothin’”, that they are a “huge failure” and “nothin’ but a screw up”.

I want to know who told them that. Who lied to them and who prophesied, speaking such negativity and death over their life? Who cursed them into a life of darkness and isolation?

Maybe they are the ones that have done the bad things; maybe they have hurt, injured and left a path of destruction, bruised, battered and broken people along their path. It may seem they can’t ever get it right, can’t succeed at anything, can’t keep the good job, be happy in the new relationship for long, can’t follow through with plans and just seems bad luck follows after them. They always sabotage any good coming their way before it does, because they feel insecure, lacking any self-worth and any value and they feel like they don’t deserve it.

My friends, if this is you anyway, may I share from my heart? I have learned from personal experience within my own life that “continuous bad choices~ produces bad fruit~bad fruit comes from a bad root system.

It doesn’t matter how hard we try to get rid and purge the bad fruit; it’s only when we deal with the diseased root, does the bad fruit cease to continue to be produced. We must get to the source of the problem. Any other way is simply covering and putting a band-Aid on it. So once and for all, my friends, let’s get real, let’s deal and dig in, let’s get honest, let’s be truthful and let the healing begin. Let’s get in and destroy the diseased, sick root problem.

The root problem, the source of our problem is what we THINK! For what we think is what we meditate upon, and we meditate upon becomes our beliefs, and what we believe is what we act upon and what we act upon produces either good or bad fruit in our lives. WHAT WE THINK WE BECOME! The Bible says, “As a man thinketh in his heart and mind….so is he.” The “stinkin’ thinkin’” Joyce Meyer calls it is what we think about ourselves and others, therefore our thoughts control our life choices and our choices direct our behavior and our behavior either brings life or death, blessings or cursing’s, and good or bad fruit to us and what we have or don’t have, where we are and where we are not, and where we are headed and end up all begins with a single thought! Mighty powerful that thought is isn’t it?

My friend, you were created for so much more; God desires to love you like no one else can, He wants you to love others deeply in return and to love passionately and completely and to fulfill His purpose in your life. He wants to bring good things, bountiful blessings and an abundant life of peace, joy, contentment and fulfillment to you. You must start by accepting His love for you. Whether you ever do or not…..doesn’t matter because He loves you anyway.

Let’s liken our life to that of a seed planted in soil, was it good soil or was it dirty, bad soil? We may have been sown in soil that was toxic, unhealthy and lacked the vital nutrients to give us what we craved and needed. Maybe we were born to parents and raised by someone who was disengaged, abusive, neglectful and impossible to please. Maybe we come from a long line of people with addictions and other sicknesses. Maybe we were abandoned, not wanted and raised in foster homes or on the streets, never knowing who our mom and dad were. Whomever, whatever and wherever we came from does not determine where we are going. We are not a victim any longer unless we choose to be. We can change where we are headed and change the direction of our life now, today. Stop what we are doing and stop the generational curse following after us and do not allow it to continue and overtake us any longer. Stop it now from being passed onto our children and our grand-children’s lives. It stops TODAY, this minute, it stops with us!

What needs to take place now is transplantation! We need to be plucked up and replanted into good, nutrient-rich soil that is provided only by Father God. Our mind needs to be renewed, cleansed and re-programmed with the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ.

The transplantation starts by accepting the Love of God. Say with me,

“Father, I ask you to come into my heart, I ask You to become my Savior and to forgive me of my sins. Make me new; cleanse me from the inside out. Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit in me. Touch my mind and create a pure and right thought life in me, break the curses of past generations that have been wrong and passed down to me through my bloodline throughout  the years that have led me to make unwise and bad decisions. I ask You to help me make wise decisions from here on out, to bring blessings into others’ lives through me and to help me repair and restore healing to those that have been hurt. With the Blood of Jesus covering me, I am a new person and since I have accepted Your Love Father God, I am now planted in a fresh clean soil and that makes me a brand new person within Your LOVE and in Your HEART and my life will never be the same again.” AMEN!

It all starts with accepting God’s LOVE; His free and unconditional love for us all. No one is exiled, excluded or turned away. His arms are opened wide to all who will come.

Remember: you are loved, you are valuable, you are unique, you are chosen, you are accepted, and you are special. You are like no one else in the world….. There is none like you! Since you accept this truth of being planted in God’s soil of love; your fruit from now on will be good, healthy, blessed, abundant, prosperous and plenteous. Father God loves you; He wants you to love yourself so you can love on others and be loved too. Now go out and share His LOVE with whomever you cross paths with and watch out for you will produce good, sweet, delectable and delicious fruit from this moment on!

Tonya F.Henshaw

June 21,2015