Sitting outdoors this morning and enjoying nature all about me as I sip on my first cup of coffee. Does the soul good!

Thinking about a couple of friends I have communicated with recently that have shared some of their problems with me and I have been able to pray with them and offer a few words of encouragement and hope. I have learned as I have gotten older that things will get better, this dark time will pass, there is hope and that God loves me and will help me through. Life is worth living and there are people that will be helped through my telling my story. WE ARE NOT ALONE!

How often do we clean-up, dress-up and cover-up that we have problems? We go about hiding our pain and masking the sadness, the hurts, disappointments and issues behind a broad smile and a nervous laugh, shrugging it off saying, “oh, I’m fine!” We have convinced ourselves we will appear weak and desperate, pathetic and defeated if someone knew we didn’t have it all together. From a distance we may dazzle, but up close we are tarnished. From a far all appears perfect and in place, but in reality we are a mess. To those around us we portray a beautiful picture, but the brokenness and hollowness we feel on the inside is lacking true intimacy, we are lonely and isolated even in the midst of many. We go on pretending all is well and yet on the inside our hearts are breaking, our spirits are crushed and we cry out for change, for things to be better and for healing. We have convinced ourselves that no one sees, no one understands and also that no one cares after all.

What a lie from the enemy to buy into!!!!!

Father God is intimately acquainted with us, He knows us inside and out, intricately He formed us, He created us in our mothers womb. Darkness and light are the same to Him and there is not one of us that is hidden from His eye. He sees us, we are made in His image and therefore we are part of Him. All things are laid open and bare before Him; our darkest secret, our deepest shame, our terrible past, our hidden thought, our selfish motivation and intent, our dirty deeds and our lustful sins……. He already sees, He knows before we even do. So trying to cover-up and hide the ugliness is a frivolous attempt.

He sees us up close and He loves us in-spite of ourselves. We are beautiful to Him in the messiness of our lives, He cares for us and will make beauty out of our rubble of ashes. Do you believe it my friends? It’s difficult to fathom at times, but it is truth.

I pray you will be enlightened to the fact that you are loved, you are special, you are amazing and you have a friend that cares. Please be clear, become transparent, ask for help, be open and honest. It is not a sign of weakness to admit we need help and to show our vulnerability; it is really just the opposite. I takes great inner strength and tremendous courage to say, “I need help, I don’t have it all figured out, HELP ME!” There is not one of us that has it all together. We all struggle with insecurities, helplessness, frailties, failures and low self-worth enmeshed with fear. We all have issues and problems. As we become honest with ourselves and admit we need help, we need a friend, we need counseling and we desperately need God; we will become whole and we will be a help to others. Don’t suffer in silence any longer.

Others need to hear what you are struggling with too, what you have come through, where you’ve been, and where you are now. Others can be helped and delivered by your sharing and telling of your story.

Make this a great day: speak up, reach out and be the best you that God has in store.

Tonya F. Henshaw

April 18, 2015wings


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