What and Who Makes A Great Leader?

courageousWhat is it that sets a person that has leadership qualities apart from another? What is it they posses that emanates from them that makes others want to follow them? What is it, even in observing babies and toddlers, you can decipher the natural born leaders and the ones that will follow making a great helper to the leader?

I believe there are several things a leader possesses.

Firstly, the leader is a person of passion. They have a dream or vision, they have something they desire to see change or make better. It is something they are so passionate about, that it is like a fire on the inside, it burns and consumes them. They can’t eat or sleep or when they do they dream about it. They fantasize and visualize the end result and how the desired change will affect the lives and well-being of others.

Secondly, a leader is able to inspire and motivate others to bring about change because it takes a majority, an army. It doesn’t just happen, but with the ability to share the vision, to get others fired up and willing to jump in and help; change happens.

Thirdly, a leader must have faith in what they are doing and why they are doing it. If God has placed that dream, that vision and that desire in their heart; then they will know that God will accomplish it through them. They may at times feel doubtful, maybe it is taking longer than expected or maybe some of the earlier followers fell aside….but if God put the fire on the inside, He will see it through to completion. A leader remains confident and faithful in God’s abilities, not their own.

Fourthly, a leader is determined, resilient and patient through the opposing forces. A leader is probably the one that is called “stubborn and hard-headed”. Leaders are the ones that are focused on the prize, the end result and don’t get weighted down and distracted with petty, nit-picking offenses and nay-Sayers. They shrug it off and keep pressing toward their completed, successful goal.

Fifthly, a leader is level-headed, balanced and able to see the big picture. A leader sees the end from the beginning. A leader is not an “airhead” filled with “pie in the sky” promises. A leader sees what needs to be done, counts the cost, sees the best and worst of the journey, is balanced between being positive and being aware of the negative, they have a plan to bring about a change, they will stop at nothing and their feet keep marching forward on firm foundation keeping their eyes on the end result.

Sixthly, a leader is a person of excellence. A leader is a hard worker, they are a smart worker, they are unselfish and they are diligent. They are aware of the time, but they are not managed by a clock or calendar. They have a servants heart, they aren’t afraid of hard work, they want it done right and they do it well.

Seventhly, a leader continues to learn, they are open minded and sharpen their skills. They want to be their best, always doing their best. They are goal and success oriented.

Eighthly, a leader does not quit. They stay and get the job done. They are not wishy-washy when the fun and excitement wain, they don’t cast aside, forgetting their calling, their purpose and turn to something fresh and new. They remain constant in the good and bad times, steady and level and paced to finish what they have started. Leaders follow through, they complete what they start. Then they celebrate and rejoice the job well done, the victory in the change they envisioned!

We need good, integritible Christian leaders today! Opportunities like never before have risen to bring about a revival, an awakening and a shaking and turning right side up in our land. We need change, we need a restoration of God’s love to wash over our country and bring us to place of repentance and calling upon Him so that then will He heal our land.
(2 Chronicles 7:14) Pray for our leaders, pray for new leaders to rise up and be who and what God has called and anointed them to be for His glory to bring about the change we so desperately need, in Jesus Name!