Filling Up

sunriseA beautiful fall colored morning as I sit outside with my coffee, notebook, Bible, journal and devotionals. I am tuned into the nature sounds all about me, and I feel a sweet peace, a serene calm as I am hopeful for a great day as the sun is rising up over my back yard.

I read a quote last evening and I would like to share with you and also my thoughts afterwards.

“When God intends to fill a soul, He first makes it empty; when He intends to enrich a soul, He first makes it poor; when He intends to exalt a soul, He first makes it aware of its own miseries, wants and nothingness.”
~~~~ John Flavel

Sometimes we may hold on to things and people in our lives when we should have “let go” a long time ago. Maybe we are fearful that we may not have anything or anyone to replace the emptiness we will experience by letting go. Maybe we are so accustomed to having it stored or locked away knowing we can go to it if we want, or perhaps we are used to having that person around and we find a sense of comfort, even if it is pain and heartache. When stuff and people no longer serve a purpose in our lives, let go!

I have learned that when I take inventory of the things and the people in my life that no longer are necessary and purposeful and mutual and beneficial, and I quit trying to find a place for it or them to fit and quit forcing a relationship when it is perfectly clear they don’t want one and I let go by emptying the over stuffed closets and pantries and attic and address book; I am opening my mind, my heart, my life and my home and my closet for NEW! There is much freedom in clearing out, emptying out, re-organizing and re-prioritizing!

Just like getting rid of the clothes that are too small I have hoped to get back into one day, sometimes we have to let go of the people who hold us back, ones that weight us down and that keep us from being all that God has purposed us to be.

Do you long to be around people who love you~not just tolerate you?

Dot you desire to be celebrated~not talked about and put down?

Dot you want to grow, mature and expand your mind and life~not held back and imprisoned?

By choosing now, you can begin today to clean out and let go of things and people who hold you back and experience the freedom of letting go. Then and only then, you open yourself up to some amazing possibilities, friendships, growth and beauty.  Emptying out is the only way God can fill you up.

Have a beautiful day and know you are loved and remember: emptying out is an act of letting God fill you with His love, blessings and promises!

Tonya F. Henshaw

October 30,2014