Delayed or Divine Intervention?


When interruptions, delays, distractions, detours and road blocks happen in our lives~ our first gut reaction is one of frustration. “Just GREAT! Now I’m going to late!”, is what we think!

However, for a moment let us consider that behind the delay and distraction could very well be Gods hand and His will being played out in our lives. He is all-knowing, all-seeing and always present in all things concerning us. He, as the great designer and conductor of our life’s symphony knows what is best for us and nothing gets by Him to affect us without being filtered through His loving hands.

detour-signI stand amazed at the numerous times I have been spared from an accident if I had only left a few minutes earlier, if I had not taken that phone call right as I was heading out the door. Or the times my keys were not where they normally would rest and it took me five additional minutes to locate them. Or how about the times that slow-poke of a driver on the two lane or getting behind the school bus stopping kept me from passing and racing onto work? How about realizing I need to stop for gasoline before getting on the interstate? What about getting delayed at the airport, getting bumped from one flight to another? Delay or Divine intervention? I believe they are divine!    ???????????????????????????????????????

All of these unwanted, unforeseen and frustrating delays may be our Heavenly Father protecting us from disaster, maybe He is attempting to get us to slow down and take a detour for a reason. Ever think about that?

When a series of events like this happen, please stop, breathe and thank God for loving you enough to keep you safe and protect you from harm. You are OK and look around you, listen and be present right this moment. Be sensitive to what is happening. There is a reason!

May you be at peace today, take a deep breath and be not frustrated by any delays and distractions you encounter along your way. Embrace them and know that all is well, accept them, learn from them and realize Father loves you, He loves you so much and to get you to slow down for a reason. It may be to save your life or that of someone else’s. Be blessed today and count it all joy!

Tonya F Henshaw

September 12,2014


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