Heal Our Land Oh LORD!

sept 11

“The name of The LORD is a STRONG TOWER; the righteous (through Christ) run to it and are safe.” ~~~~~ Proverbs 18:10

Today is September 11th, a day that is remembered as a horrific, tragic day in American History. I listened in on a conversation not long ago and one of the gentleman, a politician was asked are we as Americans any safer today than we were not, 13 years ago? The politicians response was that he believed we are safer, because we are wiser and more prepared and a live under more stringent security from terror attacks on American soil.

It is so often the case that a time of great tragedy has to occur before we become cognizant, understanding fully and making preparations to guard ourselves from the unknown and evil AFTER the attack. But at least we learned our lesson. Pain is a great and mighty teacher! Lesson learned!

As a people created by God, He loves us all, He sent His Son to die for ALL of us and for ALL of our sins and He desires to restore us to our right place with Him. I declare and pray that no weapon formed against our blessed nation can prosper (Isaiah 54:17) and Almighty, All Powerful God is a strong tower, we run to Him and are safe (Proverbs18:10).

God says to Soloman about the completion of the temple and I believe it is appropriate to state it now over America, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn, run away from their wicked ways, I will hear their cries all the way in Heaven and I will forgive their sins and restore their land. My eyes will be open and My ears attentive to every prayer made in this place.” (II Chronicles 7:14 & 15)

Father, hear our cries today as we pray for a revival, a great awakening to cover this land, the whole earth. May Your Kingdom come to earth and reign in righteousness even as You do in Heaven. We pray that Your will be done as it is done in Heaven. Heal our land, each and everyone that is breathing today, heal our children, touch the ones that are starving and searching for something real. Shine Your light through Your sons and daughters into the darkness, raise us up to be the channels and vessels through whom You flow and cover the earth. Deliver us from evil and all forms of addictions and diseases and secret sins that devour our souls, making us vacant for the enemy. May Your love fill and overtake our souls, heal our brokenness, heal our emotions and minds and make new our hearts and make us compassionate and open to do Your work in our world. May we awaken from our slumber, realize it is time to get up and take care of our Fathers business, for there is much to be done. May we finally, once and for all know how much You love us, know how much You sacrificed for our salvation and know how great Your mercies are to ALL mankind, our brothers and sisters. May we understand that You are not angry with us, You do not hate us, You do not turn us away, You do not shun us or ex-communicate us when we fall short. Your love is eternal, everlasting and Your grace, Your mercy is new and fresh and waiting for us before the sun rises. May we feel Your presence today in our lives, quicken our minds and our spirits to recognize and see You every place we go and in everything we do. Let Your love invade our world and let us be representatives of You today in all we do and say! In the name of Your Precious Son and our Redeeming Savior, Jesus Christ! Amen!

sept 11-1

Go out and change your world today, be a bridge-builder, a restorer of the broken promises, a peace-maker, a “good news” messenger, a man and woman of your word, a miracle- maker and make love happen! If as Christ-followers we aren’t the change we want to see in our world, then it won’t happen!

You are special and called and chosen and anointed for such a day as today. It is a great day for miracles to happen, today could be THE DAY of change you have prayed for! :0)

Tonya F Henshaw
September 11, 2014


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