thMT3MX78NNothing ever stays the same: time passes, seasons change, beauty fades, things get old, bodies wear out, children grow up and on and on it goes!But one thing remains continuously, constant forever the same and that is God. His everlasting, boundless, unfathomable love and unending amazing grace go hand in hand and we are the recipients of such great faithfulness from Him when we definitely by no means ever deserve it!For that I am eternally grateful and humbled that He would love me with such a great love.

You are loved that way too, may today be a revelation day, an awakening for you that you finally get it! There is nothing you can do to earn it, to win it, to deserve it, to throw it away, to destroy it, to separate yourself from it! His love is always there, always has been the same and will forever be everlasting. We cannot change that about God!

Our views, our beliefs, our religions, our politics, our values and morals, our sins, our choices and mistakes, our acceptance or rejections have nothing to do with it; He Is That He Is and He Is Love. An all-encompassing, all-inclusive, all magnificent God of Love. That is an undeniable truth my precious friends, whether we accept that about Him or not, whether we accept His love or not, doesn’t matter, He loves us anyway and loves us unconditionally, whether we love Him or not! His love truly is amazing!

Father, let me love like you!


Tonya F. Henshaw

July 22, 2014


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