Life will come and life will go without our taking a break from the mundane, the monotonous and boredom if we aren’t careful and aware. Days elude into months and pretty soon another season will pass and a whole year will have slipped away and we are are approaching a whole new decade and retirement (if we have planned and we have set back enough) and we are not any closer to truly enjoying our life, living those moments that take our breath away, bringing tears to our eyes because of the awesomeness of beauty and making those memories that last a lifetime. We keep saying, “One day…… Maybe tomorrow….. Soon I will….. Maybe next year……. When the kids are older…. When I retire…….!”

All I can say is I have realized all too often those days may never come. Life happens, accidents can occur that alter our well made plans, someones life can be cut short, jobs play out, bodies get sick and the stock market crashes. We can’t control these things that happen around us, but we can live in the present and find something to enjoy now.

We are a world full of robots, doing the mechanics and methodical routines minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day! Never paying attention to the life that is happening and passing us by, just like potting soil sifting through our fingers, we may hold it in the palm of our hand for a second but it is here and gone rather quickly before we know it.

Yeah, there may be snippets of times where we are happy like seeing a movie that makes us laugh for an hour and a half or a meal prepared and shared with family or a night out on the town or babysitting the grand kids, but have we really gotten away, like being outdoors in Gods creation, surrounded by the sights and sounds and smells that are so plentiful? Have we allowed our minds to be cleared of the thousands of voices that nag and tear us apart, telling us we should have worked harder, longer and done better? Have we closed our eyes and listened to the symphony of nature and the aroma of the earth producing fragrances?

Are we willing to risk what others think by breaking free from the predictability? Isn’t it about time we added some spark, some variety to our lives? Maybe we can get away to a different setting, go to the mountains if we usually go to the beach, and vice-versa. We can change the route we normally would travel for work or running errands. We can eat something we thought we wouldn’t like, maybe try a new exotic cuisine.

Just stepping outside, breathing in some fresh air and sitting in the grass eating lunch or sipping a glass of iced tea or lemonade can be the respite we need to refresh our minds, restore a healthy balance to our bodies and souls every twenty four hours. Life is too short to wait to have some fun. We must purpose in our hearts to laugh, relax and enjoy something every single day.

I often think back to an interview I read of Erma Bombeck when she was on her deathbed and was asked, “Any regrets?” She paused and in deep reflection her response, “I wish I had eaten more ice cream!” I love that, and I have eaten more ice cream myself!!!!!!

This is it people, this is our life, our one and only opportunity to live it and have this earthly experience. It is never too late to enjoy it! As long as we have breath, we are alive and we make the choice to enjoy every single moment of it or not. We must take the good-the bad, the happy-the sad, the highs- the lows, the successes-the failures and all the in between and somehow figure out how to laugh and make the most of it all. God is good, His gift of the earth is ours to behold and enjoy and we must not let a single moment, one God given opportunity pass us by without making it the best we possibly can. We are so greatly blessed, may we bless others and smile and enjoy this day! It is the present, a true gift for us!


Tonya F. Henshaw

July 19, 2014



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