God first loved the world, the one He created by His spoken word and He loved humanity, His own creation made in His image so that He would not be alone, but to have someone to communicate with and be a friend to so very much that when He saw how we had turned our hearts against Him and sinned and not just sinned but even desired to do wrong, that iniquity in our hearts that would condemn our souls into eternal separation and darkness from Him; He came up with a plan to save us. A plan that would reconcile us back to Him, a plan that would restore us to our rightful place, a plan so grand and so great that we would have all eternity to be in His presence, reigning as Kings and Priests, Sons and Daughters of royalty to The King of all Kings! He knew it would work, but this plan would cost Him greatly, it would break His heart like that of any parent losing a child; that emptiness, that ache and void that no matter how many other children you have, none of them can take that ones place. But He did it anyway, the choice He made was to send His own Son Jesus to be our way, our path and pay for our one way ticket back to Him.

Jesus, the very One Who knew no sin, was in all ways tempted just like us and yet, He sinned not; Jesus, the Innocent, the Blameless One agreed with The Father. He said, “I will go, I will do it, I will do Your Will and I will die in their place, I will bring them back home to You Father!” And so Jesus came to earth and lived amongst us, but many rejected Him. Many said, “There is no way this one can be the Messiah, the Holy One, the Savior for all mankind, surely not!”

But He was! Through Jesus life here on earth; He loved first and foremost, He was compassionate and kind, He forgave the guilty, He healed the hurting and even brought the dead back to life. He always pointed the way back to His Father and always gave the credit and glory and honor to God for the miracles He did. He instructed us to love each other, to love our neighbors and to obey the laws of the land. He encouraged us to keep our hearts right and to look for the good in others, the image of His Father deep within everyone, He rebuked the religious leaders for their piety and self-righteousness and judgment and condemnation. He told us to not get so wrapped up in our day to day activities that we lose sight of what is really important: nurturing our relationship with Him and the Father. He encouraged relationships and friendships and enjoyed spending time with His friends and followers and sharing a meal, He loved children and their child-like simple belief that anything is possible. He loved His quiet, alone time in the morning to pray and spend time with His Father. He knew the importance of getting away from the crowd and busyness of the day to just be still, calm, relax and listen. He knew His time on earth was short. He knew His mission, His purpose, His work on earth; even though it was going to cost Him His life, He was destined to die a horrific and painful death, He still prayed, “Father, it is not My will, but Your Will I am here to do, so freely I will lay my life down for them.”

And so He did! He followed through and finished it once and for all. He gave His all on the cross, He said, “IT IS FINISHED!” Nothing more, nothing less…. Once and for all, it is through Him are we saved. We can’t add to or take away from what He did that day. It is done, He paved the way for all of us to be reconciled to our Fathers arms and live eternally with Him. JESUS: our big brother, our Savior, our Redeemer, our Sacrifice, our King of kings, our Lord of all lords, our truest and loving friend: JESUS did it!

“For God so loved the world He sent His own Son to die, to reconcile all mankind to Him so that we may have a life and eternal life through accepting His son Jesus. God did not send Jesus into the world to condemn it; but that the world through Him might be saved”
~~~~~ John 3:16-17


john 3;17

Let’s be honest, let’s be truthful and crystal clear, transparent before Him. His love causes His grace to cover a multitude of sins. He knows everything already, nothing is hidden from Him……

“Nothing in all creation is hidden from Gods sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to Whom we must give account.”

~~~~~ Hebrews 4:13

Jesus is ever interceding for us to the Father (Hebrews 7:25) Let’s then approach the Father with confidence, boldly so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need, because Jesus has already done the dirty work, the sacrificing for us. We can boldly ask Father for whatever we need.

Learn from Jesus prayer and pray, “Father, whatever Your will is, so be it in my life. I trust that You know what is best for me and for this present situation. I refuse to worry about it, I will do what I can do, but the rest, the unlikely, the impossible, the irrevocable and improbable…… That is where I need You! I lay this down and give You complete control of the outcome! It is going to be perfect when You finish it!”

That my precious friend is when a peace, a calm and assuredness will come over you and you will know everything is ok! I believe without a sliver of doubt, that ALL things work together, ALL the jagged, rough edges will fit neatly together and make sense eventually. Just keep walking in faith, believe that God is on your side, that He is not mad at you, He loves you greatly and that there is a plan for all this stuff presently in your life. You are blessed, you are special. Be encouraged and be strong in The Lord today.

Today is the day The Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!



Tonya F Henshaw

July 31, 2014