Our lives, however they are now, is the sum of the choices and following through with those decisions we have made. Our life is what it is; what has happened yesterday, last week, last year, ten years ago, in our youth or even childhood is already done. We can’t undo it; No do-overs! No amount of regrets and wishing can change what happened; it has shaped and made us who we are today.

But this very moment, we can choose to be better, doing better and living better. By observing our past life, our present and future life circumspectly; we can decide what changes if any, we need to implement. What is it that needs tweaking, what is it that we need to lay down lightening our load, who is it that we need to forgive and set ourselves free from, what is it that is distracting and keeping us from progressing forward, what self-sabotaging thoughts keep us just going for it?

In looking back over my life’s decisions; I can say I am wiser, more open-minded, tolerant, compassionate and generous. I am stronger, more resilient and courageous than I ever thought I could be too. I also know for sure that God is my Father God, He is my Papa and He was always present, loving me and helping me through my darkest hours that turned into days and years that seemed would last an eternity. Father was forever patiently loving me, letting me walk through some pretty confusing and scary times, but always holding my hand. He was there back then, He is here with me now and I am certain He will be with me tomorrow! He is a God that never fails, never leaves and is always loving and faithful to His word. I am His child-I can’t divorce Him, I can’t un-friend Him, I can’t block Him. There is nothing that will separate me from His boundless, unending love. It is there, no matter what I do or don’t do.

David says in a Psalm, “……that though I make my bed in hell; He will come and tear the place apart to find me and bring me back to His place of safety and love. Oh how great the love of a Father that He would love me so!”

My friends, I pray that the revelation of how much you are loved by your Papa, your Heavenly Father be made real to you today. May you know that once and for all; it is His amazing love, His amazing grace that saves you and there is nothing, no not one thing, that you can do to stop it, to hinder it or kill it. There is nothing you need to do to add to it, nor is there anything you can do to take away from His amazing love. Jesus said it all when He hung on the cross, “IT IS FINISHED!” You are His child and it is done, it is complete.

So many opportunities await us to be blessed and to be a blessing. May we recognize them today, embrace them and may we choose to make the world a better, brighter and happier place one person, one moment at a time. Smile and be happy today! It is a great, glorious, beautiful day to be alive! It is ALL good!

Tonya F. Henshaw
June 28, 2014