What love is and isn’t!

thMT3MX78NI have been thinking lately about love and how incredibly wonderful, amazing and healing love is. It is the opposite end of the spectrum from fear. This is what love is to me and what the scriptures describes as love.

Love doesn’t hurt, love doesn’t cause pain and grief. Love never gives up, it is never selfish and self-centered; it prefers others over ones self, it wants what is best for the other.

Love is liberating and lifting the other up, encouraging and inspiring them. Love doesn’t envy, nor is it jealous and restricting, confining and strangling the life out of someone.

Love is not proud, boastful or does it have a big head, it is not forceful, nor smothering, it is not angry and hateful; but love is kind, patient and willing to wait a long time. Love does not keep score of the sins of others, it doesn’t celebrate when others fall on hard times; but love lifts them up, helps to carry their load.

Love is truthful and honest and pure: it does not tell lies. Love never looks back; but looks ahead and keeps going forward.

Love does not try to get even, retaliating a wrong for a wrong; but love turns the other cheek, taking the high road and rising above the wrong and turning it over to God. Love does the right thing, love goes the extra mile, love gives freely; not miserly, not grudgingly and stingily.

Love is generous and love comes from the abundance of ones heart and out of ones heart flow words of life & blessings; not death, damnation & curses. Love is not hateful, full of prejudices and bigotry, love is not shallow and small-minded; but love is accepting and tolerable and open-minded and balanced.

Love is good, peaceful and healing and love is merciful, gracious and mature. Love is forgiving and love is willing to admit and ask for forgiveness when it is wrong.

Love is always the right choice in any given situation. The world already knows and has experienced hate, rejection and fear if they are older than three years old; it is time to be love in action with our words, our actions. Be kind, be generous, be the first class act that God created us to be. Christ is in us, He is our hope in glory and our Fathers will being poured out upon the earth.

Have a loving day and love first, love foremost and love always.
“What Would Jesus Do?”

Tonya F. Henshaw
May 20,20141379268_221065414726330_1429645328_n



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