Expect The Unexpected

I have been reading lately about CHANGE, and why we are terrified of the unknown and unpredictable. Why we want something different, maybe desire something bigger and grander than what we currently have. But what is it that keeps us caged and bound to right now and our past? In talking to others; I hear it is the fear of disappointment, failure and what if it’s not as good as what I have now. What if the transition into change is uncomfortable, what if I disappoint others or they make fun of me, what if I just can’t, what if I don’t have what it takes to make it successful, I am just too tired or too old to try something new,   ….these are all the comments I have heard. So I am really putting a lot of thought into “why are we so resistant/afraid of change”? Why cant we just let go of all the preconceived notions and chains that hold us hostage and be more child-like in the sense of wonder, exploring new adventures, take risks and dare to dream big, extravagant dreams and be inquisitive? Why cant we just step out of the box and cross the boundaries and color outside the lines? Why cant we follow our dreams, expanding our vision, mind, thoughts and encounter others; learn from them and explore their cultures and beliefs by broadening our friendships, relationships and just letting others into our lives? Don’t be afraid of change…….CHANGE can be a blessing! A HUGE BLESSING!!!!!!!!
How often do we look at the path of our lives and not like where we are? Maybe we are bored, have grown tired of the mundane, doing the same thing over & over & over again, day in and day out? We merely exist, nothing stimulating our brains, we are emotionless like robots, living predictable, disconnected, depressing lives. I don’t believe there is anything worse than living life with no passion, no purpose!

Because we are for the most part creatures of habit, we resist and fight change. WHY? We protect our little comfort zone with all the boundaries, barriers and restrictions of a caged lion. We shut ourselves off from interacting with others that aren’t just like us, thinking, believing and doing like we think, believe and do. We aren’t open for change, for new adventures, the unexpected~the surprises that most often turn out to be our greatest blessings!

Maybe we are closed off to change because we are afraid of being disappointed with the outcome~well sometimes that happens, but what if we are pleasantly, ecstatically surprised with the success of it?

Maybe we are fearful of what others may think~Really? We can’t continue to live our lives seeking others approval, acquiescing to their wishes, do they really have our best interest at heart? Or do we relinquish our control to theirs? God gives each of us dreams, abilities, talents and desires. We have to be and do what He created us to be and do to truly be happy, content and at peace with the progress of our lives.

Maybe we don’t want to change because of the hard work that may be required, the sacrifices of learning something new or taking some classes or training? It really is a sad day when we close our minds off and refuse to learn new things.

When we are open to change, sometimes we may be disappointed because it isn’t what we expected. But I have personally found the unexpected, unpredictable surprises are the greatest blessings and grandest miracles in my life. 

So I encourage you: leap into it! Or if you cant throw yourself into it full force, then take baby steps; go to the library and check out a book on “the” subject, google “it” on the web, ask questions of others. Be willing to learn, open minded, open your heart, your eyes and your ears, embrace the change before you and dare to follow your dreams and expect the unexpected! Anything is possible and remember:  Your greatest blessings may be laying right in front of you !!!!

Tonya F.Henshaw
April 30, 2014