“And you shall know the truth and the truth will make you free!” ~~~~~ John 8:32

Ever have someone or yourself be gut-wrenchingly honest, where the truth in the words ripped and shredded at the heart? Yes, we all have been participants of delivering and causing the anguish and pain or we have been on the receiving end of such pain. However once the truth was out there, didn’t it somehow bring clarity, clearing the air of the smog of lies and cover-up, masking the real issues. The truth is liberating and free, John sure knew what he was talking about in this scripture. He was referring to the truth in Jesus Christ and in the word of God, but I believe the above scripture can also be applied to our own truthfulness and living a life of authenticity. A life where we live with the intention of being honest, real, tangible and reachable as we relate and connect to our world.

Our “yes” needs to “yes” and our “no” needs to be “no”! We must not waver and swish back and forth being swayed with a sea of emotions. We must be strong within our convictions and stand up for what is right, just and truthful. In so doing, we provide a strong, safe haven for others in our lives. May other “truth-seekers” be drawn into our lives and may we continue on the path of living a life of authenticity.

Let us not be deceived and waste precious time trying to be something and someone we are not. May we choose to tell the truth, be able to accept the truth told to us and may we grow as we apply the ointment of truth to our lives in whatever means necessary. Our stories need not be embellished, added to or taken away from by restricting the truth. Our memories and recollections are accurate and factual and real as we share them with others. Let us see things in our lives and in the lives of others as they really are; we must remove the “rose colored glasses” from our eyes and see clearly and accept what the truth is. May we embrace the truth, the inevitable, the reality of now; realizing the things that cannot be changed and that are completely out of our control and may we accept it. It is what it is!

No matter how difficult and nasty the truth is to behold, may we maintain a state of peace. That peace that God gives to us, the kind of peace that passes all human understanding. We do not have to let the truth unsettle us, rattle us, shake us up setting us on edge or cause us to fall. But we can choose to welcome the liberation brought about within us by recognizing through hearing, seeing, knowing, applying and accepting the truth.

There is such sweet relief when we decide to no longer live a life with the illusions of make-believe, fantasies and fairy-tales. Life is hard, we often get knocked down and beat up by the reality of it, sometimes life just kicks our butt and takes our breath away. We all walk through times of darkness, sickness, maybe divorce, loss, betrayal, disappointments and lots of low times~~~~~ we never were promised smooth, trouble/stress-free perfect lives. After all, how could it be? We are imperfect ourselves, each and everyone of us living with other imperfect people in an imperfect world. We do however do have respites from the hard times where we sail through on clear, sunny days with a cool breeze on our face, where we celebrate the highs, the mountain tops, the births, weddings, graduations, promotions and recognitions for “a job well done”. Walking through the dark, lonely times makes us appreciate the “good times” even more.

My prayer is for us to live free and peaceably with others. May we roll with the flow, stop fighting and struggling and just accept where we are, who we are and what is going on. May we do the same with others too. Nothing stays the same, this time shall also pass and bring with it change, just like the four seasons. Be at peace, my friends and brothers and sisters, let the peace of God come over you, bathing you and calming your spirit, soul and body. Whatever comes your way, be at peace, letting nothing disturb you. Remain steadfast, balanced and serene. Stand strong in the blessed assurance that your Father is with you, no matter how bad it may seem, He is with you always and will lead you through to the other side. Be truth-seekers and may the light of God reveal His liberating truth into all areas of your life.

Have an incredibly, beautiful day and walk on in peace! Shalom!

Tonya F. Henshaw
March 10,2014