The LIGHT in the darkness!



On this beautiful cold morning, I was reading a passage of Charles Swindoll’s from “The Finishing Touch”. Paraphrasing a part that spoke to me about light in the darkness and hope for the journey, I would like to share and hopefully inspire and encourage someone today to not give up, hold on and keep walking on in faith.

Take from us our wealth, our jobs and our way to make a living and we are hindered. Take from us our health and well-being and we are handicapped. Take from us our dreams and our purpose and we blindly stumble around, wasting precious time confused and dazed. But when our hope is stolen, taken away, we are plunged into utter deepest darkness, stopped dead in our tracks and paralyzed by fear. We wonder;

How much longer?,
Will this darkness of night ever end?,
Does anyone care?,
What have I done to cause this?,
Does God know where I am? Am I lost forever, have I gone too far for anyone to rescue me?”

A word of encouragement!!!!We are not alone! Father says,”OK, that is far enough!” How awesome to hear His voice and feel His fingers grasp ours. Just like brand new blossoms pushing up through the frozen winter ground, long awaited colors return to our brown, grey life. The streams once covered in ice begin to thaw as hope washes over us. Spring follows winter, inevitably, just as it has every year since time began. Yes, this one too!

The barren, dead days, like the bare and naked limbs on the trees, will soon be clothed with lush green life. May I remind you of this promise today? Are you ready to feel the sunshine warm on your shoulders like a big hug from Father? Are you ready to see the rainbow of colors Spring brings with it every time? There is hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

There, in the distance, it is, the light! It really is closer than we think. It may be tiny, faint and just barely feasible, but none the less it is there ! We have made it! Our Father knew exactly where He was going, where He was leading us all along, and why and how long it was going to take.

Renewed Hope, that is what we need today!!!!!!! We will soon be there, at the end of this dark passage, we will be in the sunshine again rejoicing, singing and dancing.

One day, we will look back upon this time in our journey into our darkest winter and it may actually be part of our most cherished memories, where we grew and matured and were strengthened and learned the most valuable lessons of lives.

There is nothing quite as remarkable as light, however small and faint to give us a sliver, a smidgen of New Hope to press on, continuing to walk one step at a time on our journey. Be encouraged this day my friends, we are not there yet, but there is hope. We are almost there! Keep keeping on, putting one foot in front of the other and keep walking. Our celebration is waiting. We are over-comers! We are victorious, don’t give up now! We have come too far!

Make today an incredible, hope filled day and shine your light for someone else and let them know they are not alone. Walk in love and peace! Shalom!


Tonya F. Henshaw

February 23, 2014