site-under-constructionWe recently had the idea to take on the not so little task of a remodel, we decided to change out the sink in our guest bathroom and install a pedestal that would free up some space by removing the old one nestled in a 36 inch cabinet. No matter how small the job looks, it is a huge inconvenience. Well, you know all those DIY improvement shows say you can do it in an afternoon for only a couple hundred dollars! LOL!!!! It sounds doable, fun and affordable and Randy and I thought, “We can do this!”  We were all excited, going to the Home Improvement store, looking at the beautiful porcelain sinks, new shiny faucets, however we never anticipated the “problems” of doing it ourselves. Nor the hiccup in the plumbing aspect; re-routing pipes, drilling holes and retiling where the old cabinet was removed. Then the walls would need to be repainted since more space was exposed and needless to say our “little” afternoon project has inconvenienced us now for 13 days along with several more hundred dollars and calling in a professional plumber and turning the “fun” project over to “REAL” handyman. We just look at one another now, shake our head and say,”What were we thinking?”
Somewhere over the rainbow, someday in our dreams in a land where it rains gumdrops and jelly beans and we fly around on unicorns and sliding down rainbows……our guest bathroom will be lovely, functional and much more room for our beloved guests, but right now…. It is very inconvenient, uncomfortable, unsettling and I feel as if I am in the midst of a bad dream where the toilet and old sink is sitting in my foyer and I step over boxes of tile, tools, tubs of grout and the closet and bathroom door is propped against the hall way, the tub is full of closet stuff since we are painting in there and replacing shelving and there is nothing but a giant hole where the toilet used to sit in the floor.
Some people have mentioned they don’t like “change”, they have even said they did not like the idea of my improvements to my spare bathroom, they don’t like the new paint color on my dining room wall where I covered the “roasted pepper red” with “olde world gold”, or when I moved my living room into the former dining room. They say they liked it the way it was before. But I have grown tired of the same old color on the walls and big, bulky fixtures in the bathroom day after day, year after year and the overcrowding in the old dining room when I wanted to have both leaves in my table to accommodate twelve diners. So I decided I wanted a change. The new year was the perfect time to implement the change. So even though I am pulling my hair out at the disorganized mess, for me a “recovering perfectionist”, I am learning to walk through this big, unexpected period of time with as much grace and avoidance as I possibly can.
I have to remind myself of what The Lord has been impressing upon me recently and I have shared in several posts on fb and twitter about “change”. For us to have and fully experience something “new”, something “refreshing”, something “alive” and “exhilarating”, we have to do something “different” and in doing something “different”, getting rid of the “old”, sometimes it may be painful and difficult and we may find a lot of resistance from others for doing something out of the ordinary, the same old way we have always done it, but we go ahead and do it anyway and when change starts to take place, we become excited and start to anticipate the newness, the freshness and the greatness that comes from “something new”. I am refusing to fret over the mess, the chaos that transitioning into something new is causing in my world. The disruption and inconvenience is only temporary and this “time too shall pass”. I will be flexible, pliable, aware and open to the work involved to bring about change, something beautiful, fresh and new into my life. I have a vision of the completed project. I am not reluctant to hard work, nor the tireless hours of disarray. I am ready! So bring it on!!!
May you be open to change in your life, whether it be a new haircut, losing a few pounds, eating healthier, exercising more, a new job or new relationship, a new grandbaby or a new home or a new remodel, may you embrace all that you envision of something new. May you count the cost of changing, the repel the voice of the “nay-sayers”, the strange looks of ones wondering what you are thinking and doing, may you consider the inconvenience and discomfort you are certain to encounter and yet may the end results be worth it. May you find peace in the fact that Father is with you through it all in whatever change you are contemplating and going through. It is all good and Father perfects all that concerns us and though we may not like the initial idea of “change”, may we know it to be necessary for our growth, our expansion as our minds, hearts and lives are broadened into new areas. God has something great, something wonderful, something remarkable and brand new in store for us……so get moving and get set for change! Have a beautiful Sunday my friends! :o)

Tonya F. Henshaw
January 12,2014


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