sunset1I have recently been approached by someone who is very angry at God because they are hurting, suffering and grieving due to the loss of a dear family member. They are mad because God did not stop the tragic accident that took their son’s life. They say that God doesn’t care and if He was all mighty and powerful, then bad, terrible things wouldn’t happen. They ask “Where is God in the midst of this… heartache, this pain, this loss, this catastrophic and devastating event?”
Well, my response is that God is always present; through the good and bad of our lives. He sometimes intervenes and keeps us safe from harm, the terrible things from happening and often times performs miracles where there is no explanation and we stand in awe and say,”WOW!” and yet there are the times when bad things do happen and touch our lives in such deep profound ways and our only choice is to continue to walk through those difficult times. Bad things will happen to all of us at some point or another because of man’s sinfulness & iniquity which is the very desire to do what is wrong to others and ourselves. We do not live in Heaven where all things are beautiful, new, perfect, just, fair and pure. We live in a desperate world filled with a lot of anger, hate and jealousy. We live in a society that is careless and selfish and full of self- ego!
God does not cause nor does He condone the terrorist acts, the wars raging on due to religious differences, the meaningless and senseless school shootings, the tragic, fatal car accidents, the millions of aborted babies, the heart wrenching cries of battered women and abused children, the thousands of young children kidnapped and forced into sex slavery or lured into prostitution and drug use, the devastating earthquakes and the tsunamis and floods that claim hundreds of lives at a time. We live in a fallen, sinful world where evil does abound and a world where diseases, sicknesses and cancers do invade our frail, temporal bodies. We must remember we cannot control other people’s decisions and actions to carry out their plan to hurt and kill innocent people. They have a free will just as we do. That is a gift from God, to be able to choose how we live our lives whether in distress & hate or to live in love & peace. We are merely mortal beings here on earth and our flesh does age, wear out and eventually die and decay. Some of us may be forgotten when we are gone and some of us may leave a living legacy of hope, truth, love and reconciliation through forgiveness. We all are wanting to be seen, to be heard and to be loved. What is your life saying?
I am so thankful that God is still God and He is gracious and merciful to us and His desire is for all humankind to know how much He loves us and wants to reconcile us to His heart. He wants us to know Him in a real, tangible way and make the decision to surrender to Him, to trust, to love and to follow after Him with our whole heart and to one day live for all eternity with Him.
So in answering the question, “Where is God?”………God is always and very present in the hands of the helpers, the first responders, the rescuers, the survivors, the families of the victims, the hugs and the tears of the ones being moved with compassion to open their pocketbooks to help financially. God is in the healing and the repair and restoration of rebuilding that which is demolished, God is in the love and compassion that pours out from the community and churches and the world as they reach out to help total strangers and they help because their sisters and brothers are in need and hurting. That is where we feel God, that is where we see God, that is where God is found!
We will never understand everything here on earth with our small mindedness, but we can stop driving ourselves into insanity by trying to control everyone and everything in our lives. We are imperfect people residing in an imperfect world with other imperfect people we interact with on a daily basis who are our brothers and sisters. Maybe if we will open our eyes and hearts, embrace our imperfections and those of others, see ourselves and them as our Father does and love first, we may be able to breathe a little deeper, feel a little freer, love a little bigger and relax a little more. We don’t have to figure it all out, we don’t have to have an exact plan or blueprint for every moment of our everyday lives. Sometimes the greatest blessings come from unexpected and unplanned occurrences. I know that is the case for my life!
It is all going to be alright. Change is good and I foresee 2014 bringing about changes for all of us. Let’s be open for doing something different, something unfamiliar, something out of the ordinary, something that we have feared in the past, something that we never thought would be possible! Because with God, ALL things are possible and God is wherever you are!
Tonya F. Henshaw
December 2013