Is He Enough?

Is He Enough?
Early this morning I picked up a devotional “My Utmost For His Purpose” by Oswald Chambers and a question was asked, “Would you still trust God if the blessings you enjoy stopped?”
I have been pondering that this morning…. and I finally have an answer!
This is what is in my heart to share.
If God were to stop His blessings of all the wonderful, amazing things in my life, would I still love Him? Would I still serve Him, trusting Him though He stops giving to me?
Would I think I did something so atrocious that He somehow stopped loving me?
Would I think He no longer existed or never existed at all if He suddenly stopped answering my prayers?
Am I to the place in my relationship with Him that if He withdrew His immeasurable blessings and touch on my life, would I still continue to trust Him?
Am I to the point I no longer just seek after Him for what He does for me, but do I seek HIM?
Is He enough, is knowing His heart enough for me without all the wonderful promises He has made and delivers?
I honestly and truly do want to know His heart, I do want to know His ways of seeing things and people, I want to see through His eyes, I want to know what He thinks and be moved by what moves Him. My prayer is to know Him intimately, have more of Him, all of Him in all that I do and say and think. As I am transitioning into a new, deeper relationship with my Father, I am aware that He is enough for me and I do trust Him completely. Anything more; love, blessings, beauty, pleasure, joy, peace, rest, contentment, it all stems from Him. It is Him!
The Word says that no one comes to know the Father unless the Holy Spirit draws him and I believe that when the revelation of Father’s amazing LOVE is revealed to us and finally we “get it”; we understand that we are so greatly LOVED that Jesus Christ, would take our place by sacrificing Himself on a cross for our sins, so that we would be redeemed and guaranteed eternal life, a life that reaches beyond this earthly realm, and we open our heart and accept that free gift of His salvation, the Holy Spirit begins to work His new creation within us. A time will come when there is not a smidgen of our old natural self left; gone is the desire to sin, the iniquity in our heart to hurt God and live a life separate from Him, gone is our miserable old stinkin’ attitudes, gone is the sharp tongue that spews harsh words, gone is the separateness mentality where we exclude others by race, religion, sex, culture, etc…. gone is the old way of thinking, seeing and doing things that only benefit us in the end, gone is our narrow mindedness and broader is our view that we all are loved and part of the family of God where no one is excluded, gone are all the “self-sins”: self-centeredness, self-consciousness, self-righteousness, being self-absorbed, selfishness, self-inflicting pain, self, self, self! We lose our narcissistic way of living and all things become about God and loving, seeing and doing unto others as He does; out of the over abundance of LOVE in His heart He had first! What a gift! How can we ever not trust Him, or how can we ever turn away from Him or question His love?
May you come to the place in your life as you seek Him; truly wanting Him “only” not just the blessings, will you find a deep trust that He is enough. He is your all, your source and your everything! If you are to that place now, share that with others, you are in Him and He is in you! Is He enough and does your cup run over with Him?
Tonya F. Henshaw
October 23, 2013