PRAYER CHANGES THINGS and sometimes the change is within us! 


Something that has been on my heart is: 

Many times in my life I have prayed and watched God do explained miracles in what was impossible situations. There have been times when a miracle instantly happened and then there have been other times when my faith was tested and even if the miracle didn’t happen immediately, something was happening in my spirit, I was maturing and a stronger character was being built within me. Sometimes delays in answers to our prayers are meant to make us stronger, by strengthening our faith and testing our trust in Father. Sometimes He may want to know if He does not always say “yes” and do what we want Him to do, will we still love Him, trust Him and serve Him?

I have known people to get so mad at God for not doing what they wanted, when they wanted it done and the way they wanted it done, that they turned their backs on God and have said, “God never has done anything for me!” How incredibly immature and sad that over their life span, they so easily have forgotten the multitude of miracles and blessings they have been freely given. The all-time “greatest gift” is the gift of salvation and redemption for our sins and the promise of eternal life through Christ. How someone could actually say that God never does anything for them is utterly ridiculous!

temper-tantrums-0I am certain you have known of someone that has thrown a temper tantrum and gotten angry at God because He didn’t give them their way. Just as parents we have to say “No” sometimes, because it truly is in our child’s best interest and we are able to see the harm or danger that lay ahead if we said “Yes” and if they proceeded on the path they were going, God as our Father must say “NO” to us also. We do not always get our way, what and when we want it in this natural world we live in and learning that is a lesson many adults still have yet to learn.

So many are accustomed and spoiled rotten when it comes to getting their way and having it now, the “instant gratification” generation we are called; from Hi-speed internet service, self-scan check outs, pay at the pump service stations, fast food restaurants, drive-thru banking and dry cleaning, etc! So a delay or heaven forbid a “no” to their request for something now, is perceived as an “earth-shattering”, “end-of-the-world”,”slap in the face” kind of wake-up call. They don’t know how to handle such a response, so a temper tantrum is the way they often react. My response to this behavior is: “grow-up people”! I have learned that delayed gratification, the act of having to wait for something, dreaming and thinking about it and desiring it more only sweetens the reception of it in the end. I appreciate it more and am more grateful for it, if I have had to wait.

I am so glad God has said “NO” to many of my prayer requests and sometimes “NOT NOW, but WAIT”. He knows what is best and I trust Him completely to know what is in my best interest. I look back now over my life and see where the answer did not come when I wanted it to come and often times not in the way or form I wanted it to either. God had something better in mind, something greater, something far more special and perfect for me. Had he given me what I asked for initially, I would have missed out on some of my greatest opportunities, my most enjoyable experiences, most treasured memories and most precious, loving relationships.

When I pray concerning anything, I always pray as Jesus teaches, “Father, it is not my will, my wants, my desires; but Your will be done and accomplished in my life and in this situation now, even as it is in Heaven. May You be glorified and be lifted up in all the earth and may Your Kingdom come and be established in my heart and life. Help me to accept Your will and make me a living testimony of Your love and Your faithfulness to your children. You have full permission to intervene and do as You will in this situation, I completely trust You and know that You work all things out for my benefit and what is best for me and that will bring You glory and honor. I have peace of mind and comfort in my soul in Your amazing love for me. In Jesus Name! ” Amen!

This is my prayer and I always have a peaceful, warm and soothing sensation wrap around my whole body; I have handed my request and need to Father, placed it in His care and trust that the answer, whatever and however it is answered is implicitly up to Him. I no longer attempt to control the outcome, it is His now.

Sometimes the answer to our prayer is rapid-release, at other times it is slowly released and a healing is taking place and we may not even recognize it when God is at work behind the scenes and things are being shifted and moved around to make room for a miracle to happen in our lives. Then sometimes the answers, our breakthrough is delayed for a later time and then sometimes the answer is a big fat ” no”!


Whatever you are praying about today, may I encourage you to not lose hope, stir up your faith, keep on believing and trust in Father that He knows what He is doing when and where He sends the answer. Hold onto His promises that He will never leave you nor forsake you and that He is closer than a sibling to you. There is absolutely nothing He won’t do, nor no place He won’t go to bring you back to Him and prove that He loves you. You can never run too far away from Him that He isn’t already there.

Have a beautiful Sunday and know you are so greatly loved beyond any form of measuring. No height, no depth, no width, no length, not any thing can separate you from the love of God. Remember: Prayer does change things; sometimes the change is within us. That is THE good news! :o)