A More Excellent Way

There is a more excellent way I would like to share!


 God says, “….and yet I will show you a still more excellent way ~~~one that is better by far and the highest of them all…”

I Corinthians 12:31 from “The Amplified Bibletunnel

May I encourage you and tell you whatever you are facing right now, it is ALL going to be OK! I have walked through some very scary, dark, exhausting and evil from many directions in my life. I am on the other side of those times now and I can see where and when Father God carried me through to where I am today.


I encourage you to have higher thoughts about yourself and the people around you  today, do not look for “what is wrong”, but see the “GOOD” in everyone and in every situation. The good is there, LOOK!


It is really beneath us and in bad taste to complain, murmur, whine like a baby and gripe about what is missing, what is lacking, what we don’t have and what is unfinished in our lives. But may we thank God for what we do have, what we can enjoy and smile about right now.


Father has a higher, better, more excellent way of thinking and doing things! We simply have to trade our small, tiny, narrow, shallow, restricted, prejudiced, dark way of thinking for His broader, higher, wider, deeper, all inclusive, lighter, more excellent way of thinking. He desires to expand us, enlarge us and prosper us and bring greater, better, more lovely things into our lives. Trust Him and ask for His will to be done and manifested in your life and your situation and watch what transpires for you.


God is continually improving the quality of my life by showing me a more excellent way in which to live. He is helping me to think better thoughts and in so doing, make better decisions. Decisions not based on emotion and feelings or “doing it my way”, but making decisions based on what His Word has to say and what His Will is for my life. Once I got this through my stubborn, rebellious, irrational way of thinking head; I began to see and experience a new kind of relationship with my Father (Papa) God, one that is built on my accepting His undying love, His amazing grace and His magnificent ever-present mercy. I surrendered my will into His will and fully and completely placed my trust in Him! After all, He has never let me down, never failed me and never left me alone, so I do not believe for a moment He will start failing me today.


I know when I hear my Papa’s voice, I know when He speaks to me and I am obedient to His leading. I do what He tells me to do, I say what He tells me to say and I go where He tells me to go and because of my obedience ~ I am blessed! My blessed life is not because of “luck” or a simple “fluke” or it “just happened” or I caught a “break”, no, my life is what it is because I learned that Father knows best and what is best for me. I stopped living in rebellion, trying to control everything and everyone in my life, trying to do it “my way” and I surrendered my messed up, confused, trashy, dirty life to Him ~~~ He accepted it, took it, cleaned it up and returned to me a life that I have today: BLESSED!


My life now has a purpose, a reason, a direction, and a new passion, and meaning, fulfillment, it is filled with love, joy and peace. That is what I have now! No, I am not insinuating my life is perfect; it is not perfection I am referring to by any means, but what I am saying is that I am at rest, I have a peace, an understanding, an agreement with Father God. That agreement is that I know He loves me, no matter what I do or don’t do, that is firstly undeniable. I consult His will, His plan for my life and my decisions I make, I trust Him totally and completely with my whole being. I know that His will for me is good and perfect. His will is for me is to benefit and prosper and to bring Him glory in the process. His will is for me to manifest His presence in the earth and to point others to Him and His undying love for them. I no longer have to suffer with bouts of depression, thoughts of suicide and the symptoms of stress in my life; Father gives me peace. Peace even in the midst of troubling times and trials, even when things do not turn out the way I think in my small mind they should turn out. I accept things and people as they are and they ALWAYS end up far better ~~ more excellent than I ever imagined possible. God does ALL things exceedingly, abundantly greater~~~ He is an awesome Father in WHOM I place my life, my will, my trust, my plans, my dreams, my visions and my family in today and every day.


I never knew this intimate, personal side of Papa before, but now when I obey His teachings and do what He says, He always will bring blessings to me, my household and my family. My choices are not made by finding the “easy way” out or the path of least resistance, but I choose to make decisions based on what is His will for my life and He ultimately leads me down a path that will bring honor, glory and integrity to the Kingdom of God. I am not immune to hard work, but my work is smarter now and I get more accomplished though, I make every effort to do what is right and just, I stick to it until the task is complete and I persevere through any and all obstacles to finish what lies before me and because of this, God is building a true, honest character within me. It ain’t always easy, but it is what is right and the rewards of being faithful and obedient do pay huge dividends in the end.


You know God’s ways are so much bigger and higher than my ways, so I trust Him to lead and guide me down the road I need to travel. I refuse to fear the unknown, that which I cannot see or figure out. I will walk along by faith, holding onto my Papa’s hand one step at a time. If things get too bad and I stumble and fall, He will scoop me up in His arms and carry me until I am able to walk again. Fear has no place in my life; I will not study, mediate or dwell on the “what if’s” or “but’s” or any other negative, discouraging and dis-heartening thoughts; I will see myself celebrating, rejoicing and being joyful and abundantly blessed and blessing others with the overflowing abundance Papa has given to me. I see the light at the end of the dark tunnel and the sun is so bright, so brilliant and there is an amazingly, jubilant party going on. I have the mind of Christ and He does ALL things exceptionally well and I trust He knows best! My mind is made up, I am determined, so NO, I will not quit, I will not slack off, I will not fail, and I will not give up now! Excellence and Victory are in sight!


God has given us an excellent, abundantly blessed life already, so look around, take inventory of ALL your blessings and say, “THANK~YOU Papa!”


Father, Thank You for Your love, grace and Your mercy, thank You for knowing  the end from the beginning, the out from the in, the back from the front, the first form the last and all that goes in between! May we place our trust in You today and may You give my brothers and my sisters’ rest and peace in knowing you care and love them unconditionally. They are not meant to carry the heavy load by themselves, You tell us to cast our concerns, our problems and burdens on You, You will work things out for our benefit to bring glory and the honor to Yourself. May you find comfort and rest today, knowing God cares about you and truly desires to lighten the load you are carrying. You don’t have to do it all alone, talk to Him and ask for His help. We pray that Your will be done in this situation today, here on earth even as Your will is done in Heaven. We declare a miracle to happen now in our lives and that You be exalted and lifted up in the earth through your children. In Jesus Name we pray! Amen!


Have a beautiful day my precious friends, it is a gift from our Father, each moment and each breath we take. Love on someone and let someone love on you too.


Tonya F. Henshaw

August 26, 2013