JULY: A Month To Celebrate

JULY, A Month To Celebrate
 Red, white and blue flags flying in the wind….
Music filled yards with food and friends and family….
Picnics and parties galore….
Resounding parades and matching bands…
A dazzling and deafening sound of celebration music….
Baseball games, bar-b-ques, hot dogs, hamburgers, homemade ice cream….
Convertibles, motorcycles, bike rides, long walks in the park…….
Hot lazy afternoons, napping in the porch swing….
Lemonade and sweet iced tea….
Laughing out loud, dancing and chasing fire-flies….
Cooling off by wading in the creek….
Bare feet, Sundresses and shorts and flip- flops….     
Ice cold watermelon, fresh from the vine tomatoes, blackberry cobbler….
Yum- Yum- Yummy!creek
Yes, this is a time to celebrate, rejoice and make a joyful noise in all the earth!
As we celebrate our freedom; remember it does not come cheap!  Many men and women have sacrificed greatly to secure our liberty. May we pray for them and their families today.
The one greatest sacrifice is that of Jesus Christ; laying His life down on a cross so you and I may have the gift of eternal life. He died that we may live! What an uneven exchange, but I am so thankful He did.
Have an incredibly blessed week and share your light and love wherever you are!       ;0)
Tonya F. Henshaw
July 10,2013


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