JUNE: A Month to Slow Down Just A Little Bit


JUNE: A Month to Slow Down Just A Little Bit

School’s out for the summer and living is a bit easier…
“Consider the lilies, how they do not toil or spin”, even the birds in the air take no thought for what they will eat, for the Father provides.

It is time to take a vacation from our vocation….
A rest from our many responsibilities….
A sabbatical from our stress….
A break from what is broken….

May we take a deep, relaxing breath, clear our heads of our troubles and let us find that the Kingdom of God is alive and well…
On the beaches….In the parks…. Down at the creeks… Lingering at the lake…. Soaring high in the mountains….In our own backyards… The gathering of family members for reunions….wherever we are…..He Is!

The Kingdom is at hand and Jesus is revealing Himself to us in many ways:
He is the peacefulness of gentle rocking back and forth in a porch swing… The aroma of meat and fresh veggies grilling for a bar-b-que…. The scent of freshly cut grass….The wind whistling in the lush shade trees…. The glow of fireflies whizzing through the meadows at dusk …. The sound of laughter from neighborhood children playing from sun up till dark… Long leisurely strolls down wooded paths…. Picnics by the lake…. A vase full of wildflowers…. A mason jar of sweet iced tea…. The juice of ice cold watermelon dripping down our chin…. YES, these are the beautiful, sweet pleasures of Summer and ways that Jesus shows up revealing His Awesomeness to us.    

Let us step outside, feel the warm blanket of this special season wrapping around our shoulders as we look up to count the twinkling stars in the summer sky.

This is a special time of year; enjoy the warmth and sunshine and all that summer has to give!

Tonya F. Henshaw

June 2,2013


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