Tailor-Made Love


I often write about how we are uniquely made by God, how we are individuals with our own DNA and fingerprints, how there is no one else just like you of the 7 billion people on this Earth. I say, “You are His MASTERPIECE”! Well you are! Just as you are unique and original to His design and blueprints, so is His love for you.

His love is tailor~made to suit you. Your needs, wants, desires and dreams are as individualized and unique to you as your DNA. So, His love is just as unique that He lavishly, continuously, extravagantly showers upon you.

His tailor~made love directs and leads you through your life and at times disciplines you to redirect your attention. His tailor~made love paves the road before you to travel and His tailor~made love sends angels as messengers along the way to encourage and lift you up. His tailor~made love is a shield of protection and a guard to fend off the enemy. His tailor~made love knows exactly what you have need of before you even ask. His tailor~made love provides the mercy, grace and strength you need to overcome any and all obstacles along the way. His love is custom~made to fit you, one~of~a~kind design for you, tailor~made!.




We are not created to be a “one size fits all” kind of creation and Jeremiah 1:5 says it perfectly: “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb, before you were born I predestined you…. I knit together the very fibres of your being …..” . This means God put thought into your creation, He thought of you and lovingly formed you, He knew beforehand what you would need and what you would do and accomplish in this journey, so it is already inside of you, it already resides in your fibres, in your spirit, in your DNA. All that you ever will require is already there! However and by whatever means Father uses to minister to you and me, He knows what is best and right and perfect for us all the time. Trust Him!

“I love You Father, for you heard my voice; You heard my cry for mercy.
You turned Your ear to me, and came to me, I will call out to You as long as I live.
When the cords of death entangle me, the anguish of the grave comes upon me;
I am overcome by troubles and sorrow, I call out Your name~
‘O LORD save me! Help me I need You’!
You, in all Your graciousness and Your righteousness; so full of compassion, love and mercy,
You reach out to me and save me!
You protect me, You hide me from my enemies and keep me safe.
Me, the simple-hearted and weak, in my times of great need,
You are with me always and every time I call on You,
You rescue me and save me.
So I say to my soul once more,
‘Be at rest soul, for The Lord loves you and is good to you always.’ ”

~~~~~Psalm 116:1-7 paraphrased

My heart takes comfort and my soul finds peace and I rest in knowing He loves me that much! He tailor~made His love for me, before I was born, because He tailor~made me! I pray you find the same comfort, peace and rest in knowing He did the very same for you!

Tonya F. Henshawtailor3
June 26, 2013