IT All Begins With A Thought

“As you think, so you are! If you don’t like who you are, you must be willing to change what you think!”
~~~ Karen Casey

Our thoughts are everything. Nothing happens, nothing is created or invented without it first being conceived as a “thought”.

Whatever thought comes into our mind, as we cling to it, holding it hostage in our minds, dwelling on it, nourishing it, (whether it is good or bad), we are giving life and power to it. It becomes a reality for us by our breeding life into it.
We will live, experience and reap from that single little thought from our minds.

It is never too late to change what we are experiencing right now, if we choose to do so by changing what we think . Our thoughts determine who we are, what we do, what we become, how we perceive ourselves, how we perceive others, how we relate to others, how we plan and experience living our lives daily.

Many times our thoughts are made up from our past experiences, a past that is gone and there is absolutely nothing we can do to “un-do” it. We expect the same outcome today based on our past experiences.

We have to begin to live presently, in the moment and this means letting go of the past. We have only NOW to live, having no guarantee beyond this present moment, so we have to be here, fully present and live now to our highest calling and being.

We can start right now to take control of our negative, harmful, fear-based thoughts and replace them with positive, pure, God inspired, love-based thoughts. We are responsible for our thoughts, we choose what we think and meditate upon. We have the power to bless the good thoughts and give life and reap the rewards of doing it and we have the same power to tear down by rejecting the evil, negative, detrimental thoughts that are brought on by fear. We have to change what is in our mind.

It is impossible for the mind to hold more than one thought at a time: we cant think on fear and love at the same time. I know from my personal experience that when I questioned God’s love for me and doubted His presence at anytime in my life, I was the most fearful. I must tell you, I know now for certain now, once and for always, God was there, He was present in my past just as He is in my present moment and yes, He will be available in my future. This holds true for you too.

His presence can only be experienced moment by moment and we have to show up and be present too. We must not let our thoughts of the future beckon us to worry and be afraid, for if we we do, we miss God’s presence in the moment. We miss out on peace!

May we desire to walk in this moment and feel the presence of Father God with us. He says, “BE NOT AFRAID, FOR I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS!” That means past, present and future!

Tonya F. Henshaw

May 30, 2013