My Daily Confession!

My Daily Confession!


I confess the Lordship of Jesus Christ over this day. I command it to come under His Authority, because this is the day that He has made. I will rejoice and I will exceedingly be glad for I am a child of the Almighty God and joint-heir to Jesus Christ. I believe in my heart that Jesus is the risen Son of God that died for my sins; I accept Him completely as my Savior and surrender my will to His will in all that I do.

I am now saved ~ I am no longer lost! Because of this decision:


I will walk in joy and gladness today ~ not in sorrow or despair!

I will walk in light and revelation ~ not in darkness and deception!

I will walk in peace and wellness of mind ~ not torment and bewilderment!

I will walk in health and wholeness ~ not sickness and disease!

I will walk in prosperity and abundance ~ not poverty and lack!

I will walk in freedom and liberty ~ not bondage and chains!

I will walk in knowledge, making right choices ~ not ignorance and wrong choices!

I walk in success ~ not failure!

I walk in victory ~ not defeat!

I walk in power and strength ~ not weakness and frailty!

I am the head ~ not the tail!

I am above ~ not beneath!

I am first ~ not last!


I walk hand in hand with Father God, I have the life He wants me to have, I am fulfilling my destiny and my purpose ~ my life is no longer full of sin, shame, guilt and regrets!

I declare the ending from the beginning; my latter years will be greater than the former years!

My latter days will be far greater than my former days! The best in me is yet to come! 

I believe in my heart that what I say with my mouth will happen:

Today is a good day, a great day because God is a Good God!

Today is a blessed, fruitful, prosperous and enjoyable day!  


I am loved, I am loving, I am generous, kind, gracious, creative, talented, intelligent, capable, faithful, truthful, even-tempered, balanced, patient, joyful, happy, playful, friendly, helpful, unique and beautifully hand-made, hand- crafted by God. I am His masterpiece!


This is my confession and I declare these things over and in my life, In Jesus Name!


Please feel free to make this your daily confession! It is ALL good!

Tonya F. Henshaw

April 2013



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