Letting Go and Letting GOD!

setting bird freeThere is such a freedom in “letting go” of trying to control others. We are not in charge of others! God did not give us the responsibility, ability or ministry of changing and controlling others lives, their behavior, their thoughts, their dreams, their problems, their failures or even their successes. We can set an example for them, by being witnesses with our own lives, actions and prayers, but we do not have the right to control their lives and decisions and path they choose to walk.

Being enmeshed in others lives, actions, dreams and their dramas connects us and entangles us to them in emotionally unhealthy ways and ultimately interferes with the growth they need. When we don’t have clear boundaries about where our life ends and theirs begins, and we waste precious time trying to be the “fixer” of their life, we think, “if only they would do what I say” mentality; that is not relationship, that is co-dependency. We are harming them and enabling them. It is an un-godly connection.

When we live our own lives, manage our own affairs pleasing to God and quit interfering and controlling and manipulating others lives and freeing them to do the same~~~ will we find the peace we seek and deserve.

May we celebrate the fact that we are in charge of no one but ourselves. It lightens our load when we realize this! Taking control of every thought we have and being responsible for each of our own actions and being able to relinquish the past while savoring the present moment, will assuredly keep us busy enough.

Today, right now: Let Go of that person and situation you are trying to fix, change and control and make into your liking. They are not your project and battle and cross to bear. Let them go and let them be who they are! Keep praying for them and in so doing, you set yourself free!