Are You Too Busy?

“Imitating Christ is opening the door to friendship”.

~~~~~~~~ Billy Graham

I read a story about a young boy and an older man sitting together on a park bench feeding the birds in silence. “My Dad’s an important business man, that’s why he’s not with me,” the young boy said. The older man responded, “My son is also very busy, so busy he never calls me.” A few minutes pass and the young boy says, ” It sometimes gets real quiet when he’s not home, I would love for him to tuck me into bed or read me a book. By the time I get up in the morning, he is gone again.” More time passed and the old man said,” I would love to hear my sons voice and laugh again.” The boy says, brushing a tear from his eye, “I just really want to talk to my dad when I don’t know what to do.” The older man reached over and squeezed the boy’s hand, “Me too.”

Sometimes in the busy-ness and hustle and bustle of our fast paced, trying to catch up life, we are torn between our careers, jobs, needs and demands of others, family, friends and even church. There really is never enough time to go around and do everything we need to do. Something is always left undone and is moved to the top of the “to do list” for in the morning. We feel so stressed and anxious and always needing just two more hours in the day, maybe that would help us catch up! The one thing we need to remember is that the people in our lives really do supercede our “to do list”. Quality time and making a difference in someone’s life is something we can’t schedule in for an appointment.


I once knew a professional woman that was also a Pastor’s wife, mother of a young son and worked full time outside the home. I came across her “Daily To Do List” and scheduled in at 6:15-6:45 pm were the words “Quality time with Michael”. She was so busy, she penciled in her son’s name to on her “to do list”.  I believe she honestly meant well, but quality time and moments that make memories are unplanned. They happen unexpectedly. It is saying the “right” word at the “right” moment to encourage someone. Or it is opening a door with a smile and warm hello to someone or helping a struggling mom get her kids and groceries into her car and placing her shopping basket into the corral. It is found in passing along instruction and wisdom to your kids when they are a captive audience in the car or singing silly songs or jokes with them on the ride to school. It is that sudden burst of laughter when you grab your little ones up in your arms and the “tickle monster” is devouring them up. These are the moments, the quality time that is going to be memorable to the ones we love and ones we come across on a daily basis. There is no set schedule or perfect timing when the lessons of life and changing someone’s life and making memories happen and are learned.


Today, ask yourself, ” Am I too busy?”, “Am I spending enough time and am I making a difference in the peoples lives that God has given me?” May you pray, “Father God, please help me make the difference." At the end of your life, on your deathbed, I am 100% certain, that it really wont matter how and when you climbed the corporate ladder. It wont matter that all that you accomplished, all that you did and did not do. What is most importantand and satisfying will be the people, your loved ones gathered by you, holding your hand as you you take your next breath in eternity. This is what matters most: The ones standing, sitting and kneeling beside you, the ones you love and have invested into their lives with love, kindness, generosity, prayer, wise counsel, quality time, conversations, long walks, making memories, filled with laughter, tears and hugs and kisses, the ones you celebrated and danced with. This is what is most rewarding, to live a life full of touching other people in a positive, uplifting way and leaving a legacy of hope, purpose and good intention.sunset

“A helping word to one in trouble is often like a switch on a railroad track——-one inch between a train wreck and smooth rolling travel.”
~~~~            Henry Ward Beecher

May you walk in peace, love and prosperity today with your family, friendships and work relations. You are blessed, look around and see them right before your eyes!   

Tonya F. Henshaw

March 2013


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