Hide & Seek


“For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a bright future. This I promise you, you will call upon Me and pray to Me and surely find me, I will listen to you. You will seek after Me and find Me when you look with your whole heart, I will be found by you, and this I declare, says the Lord.”

——- Jeremiah 29:11-12

God is not a game player; this scripture does not reference a God that is playing “hide & seek” with his children. He is not hiding some place in the dark, hearing your approach and then hiding away further from you, nor is He waiting to jump out at you and scare you when you approach Him. He is not sitting off someplace either, watching and snickering as you fumble and stumble around aimlessly, searching for the light switch in the darkness, nor is He running away from you as you chase after Him. NO WAY!

What I have witnessed first-hand and what this scripture does describe is a God that waits to be called upon, sought after. He will not force Himself on us; He will come upon our request, He anxiously awaits our invitation. He comes when we desire to spend time with Him, when we want Him, He will be found and listen to us when we pray; He listens and will do that which is good for us. He is our Heavenly Father, so if we, being earthly parents, give good gifts and do good things to our children, then how much more does our Heavenly Father desire to give and do good will for us. His plans are so much greater for us than we can imagine. We must trust Him, knowing He knows and sees what is best for us. God is a good God, He gives good gifts, and He does good things. God can be found anywhere, anytime, all the time. He is all knowing and all seeing, He is always with us, all the time. He is not only a God that performs mighty works and displays of beauty and wonder and awe, but He is present in the tiniest, smallest, minute detail of beauty in our lives all around us every day. Just a mere whisper of His name brings us into His presence and Him into ours.

He can be found in the infectious giggle of a baby or in the laughter of little children playing in wild abandonment on the playground. He is present in the aromatic fragrance of a field of wildflowers or the brilliant array of vibrant colors in the turning leaves of a maple tree in the fall. He can be found in the warmth of the afternoon sun wrapping around your shoulders, He is the gentle brush of your lovers lips on your cheek, and then He is present in the “I love you Mom” from your daughter or son as they wave goodbye for the day. He is in the face of your child looking up at you asking “why” and “why not” and “how come” for the 100th time today. He can be found in the midst of the rainbow bubbles while you stand in front of a sink full of dirty dishes or in the fresh linen scent of clean laundry that needs to folded. That is Him!

Now lay your hand across your chest, feel the beat of your heart, yes that is Him too. He is in the breath you just inhaled and the exhale that followed. If you look, you can see Him in the shy smile of that stranger approaching or the handshake of a new acquaintance. He is in your helping hand extended to a dear sick friend, or to the single mom that sure could use a sitter for a couple hours, or the phone call from the one that needed to talk that you thought was only an interruption, it was Him on the other end. He is present in the quiet, stillness of the breaking dawn coming across the horizon in the early morning and He is present in the sleepy, setting sun at the end of another gorgeous day; whether it rained or the Sun was shining, whether it was cold or hot, the whole day was a gift from Him. He is present when you lay your head on your pillow at night, that moment of last consciousness before falling into that much needed sleep and then He is present, watching and protecting you as your body is refreshed, renewed and restored for several hours and also present at the rousing of consciousness again in the moment your eyes open to a new day. He is present wherever you are, whatever you are doing and seeing! Open your eyes and open your heart and see God’s presence revealed in all the everyday, every single moment miracles surrounding you.

God can be seen, He can and will be found, all we have to do is look. I pray you will see Him, witness His presence and feel His love for you in special ways today. I pray you will be reminded of just how special you are to Him and how much He loves you. He is crazy about you and desires to reveal Himself to you. Smile at someone today, hug them if you can, touch them in a positive way and say something nice. Be a blessing because you are blessed. May you walk in love, peace and forgiveness today!!!!

Tonya F.Henshaw